Italian Pornstars : TOP 25 Hottest Italian Porn Stars

You want to know which Italian Pornstar is the best ? No worries, we have the best list just for you ! Italy is the European country with the most treasures : culinary treasures in the first place, historical monuments that are the envy of all its neighbors, but also women with the plastic of goddesses, especially Italian Pornstars ! These beautiful creatures with singing accents will remind you why Latin women deserve a special place in our hearts… ! Find out which Italian pornstars will turn you on the most in this selection !

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Italian pornstars : the best pornstars from Italy in pictures and videos

Who Are The Hottest Italian Pornstars?

#1 Valentina Nappi

This pretty little brunette of 28 years old was not destined to a porn career. But her talent for sex scenes seems to have convinced more than her prowess as a classical actress and she was discovered by… Rocco Siffredi ! His famous compatriot saw in Valentina a future pornstar and he was not wrong ! She is an Italian pornstar who has made her country proud, exporting her strong breasts and abundant ass to the U.S.A.

#2 Juelz Ventura

This 31 years old bombshell is of Sicilian origin, but also Brazilian and Lebanese. An explosive mix that allowed her to be endowed with a plastic as we rarely meet. She started in the porn industry at the age of 21 and now has more than 200 films to her credit. Her breasts, redone, her tattoos and her small bulging buttocks make her partners crazy with excitement, especially during double penetration scenes in which she excels !

#3 Asia D’Argento

Asia D’Argento is a redheaded porn actress. This is not the actress currently embroiled in sexual scandals, but a very famous namesake in Italy, for her luscious lips and her ability to satisfy men in adult films ! Now retired, she has left a real mark in the Italian porn industry, playing hot Milfs and Italian femme fatales for more than 11 years !

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#4 Isabella Manelli

Considered by many as the typical Italian pornstar, with her large breasts and wavy black hair, she takes great pleasure in playing naughty teachers and dominant mistresses in the best X productions. She’s the perfect cougar, the one you’d like to have as your neighbor, so you can participate in some wild threesomes or share some anal pleasure with her.

#5 Arielle Faye

American with Italian origins, this real beauty will not be able to leave you unmoved. Just see her in action, playing the sex-starved stepsisters, the naughty daughters-in-law or blackmailing men to fuck her, and your excitement will be at its peak.

Here is an Italian pornstars who is promised a long and lasting career ! But with that fiery look and perfect ass, there’s no doubt that she’ll make her mark on porn in her own way and will quickly make it into our top porn actresses ranking.

#6 Selen

Here is a diva of Italian porn, who proves that everything is possible. The actress who owes her flexibility to her practice of dance puts this pulpy body at the service of the X industry to make a name for herself in Italy.

The time of about thirty hard films, in which she refuses nothing (fellatio, gangbang, BDSM, …), she becomes an icon of the transalpine X and can thus launch her career… of TV presenter. A success story in the Italian way ! But we prefer her when she plays with the sex of her partners !

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#7 Rebecca Volpetti

This Italian pornstars is both cute and terribly sexy ! Her small size and slim but well-proportioned body doesn’t stop her from becoming a real wild woman when she’s surrounded by penises.

The Bukkake she takes part in seem to give her immense joy, but it’s when she plays the roles of naive students that we love her the most. 21 years old, a 100% natural body, and an innate talent for hardcore: Rebecca is a worthy representative of the current Italian youth !

#8 Federica Tommasi

A true legend of Italian pornography, this beautiful blonde (who could have been in our selection of blonde porn actresses) with green eyes is one of the most famous Italian pornstars and her reputation is not usurped ! She is able to practice fellatio like nobody else, to be taken by 2, 3, 4 partners without batting an eyelid, all this while acting like a real actress.

#9 Evita Pozzi

Evita is the Italian mamma as we would like them all to be ! Sexy, lover of lingerie and fan of sex in all its forms, she plays the adulteress or the mom who seduces her son’s friends like nobody else. Her abundant forms allow her to make crazy most of the men she meets on her way !

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#10 Valentina Bianco

This beautiful Italian pornstar will seduce you with her curves and her natural talent to cause erections. She relies on her naturally sexy body, which she covers with provocative outfits and indecent underwear, to drive her partners crazy with pleasure. Her hands, her mouth and her moans of pleasure will convince you that she deserves her place in this top X-actress !

#11 Roberta Gemma

She starts her career as a stripper in a Roman bar, where she is noticed by an amateur porn video director. She will take a liking to it and launch herself as a professional a little later. She became successful thanks to her generous curves and she had a huge success in Europe. Recently, she decided to break through in the United States where she meets an equal success, thanks to her luscious forms and … to her little sexy Italian accent.

#12 Piper Perri

A very small actress who likes to play with her small body, to be penetrated by partners much bigger and stronger than them. Piper seems to appreciate what is not in her size !

With her childish smile, she nevertheless practices positions reserved for the most experienced women ! Hard to resist her eyes, isn’t it ?

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#13 Nikki Capone

Nikki Capone has always been very sporty and passionate about cosmetics. Naturally sexy, she slept with a man for the first time at the age of 16, which gave her a taste for sex afterwards. She started at 29, in Milfs roles in general, where she goes through all the practices: lesbians, gangbang, striptease, hard scenes… Nikki Capone is a luscious blonde who knows what she wants and how to get it !

Whether you like full butts, bulging breasts and provocative thirty-somethings, you’ll love Nikki.

#14 Angelina Valentine

With her tanned skin, we would almost take her for a black porn actress. Angelina Valentine is one of the wildest Italian pornstar and you only have to admire her bombshell body, tattooed, pierced, her blowjob mouth and her huge tits to understand that she has the physique that goes with her desires. This gorgeous brunette has been in more than 400 X-rated scenes since 2006, and at 36, she continues to delight her partners.

This sublime creature does not hesitate to play the sluts hungry for sex, ready to crunch (or to suck, more sensibly) her partners. She plays almost only in XXX, with men and women, to vary the pleasures.

#15 Stella Cox

Born in 1990, the pretty Stella Cox is a lovely Italian pornstars, who is one of those simple natural beauties that you could meet at the corner of a street. This is her strength, because it allows her to play naughty little neighbors, horny students or even daughters-in-law/mothers-in-law and nannies, with a disconcerting naturalness.

She has played in more than 200 films in her 15-year career, playing with the sexes until they explode with pleasure, all with a disconcerting elegance. She’s a true X-rated gem that we love to see in action.

#16 Veronica Rayne

When you see her, you think that this beautiful Italian, who is almost 50 years old, must have been doing X all her life as she seems to be cut for it. However, she only started in 2010, at the age of 38, to immediately burst the screen ! With her huge D-cup, her very long black hair in Italian style, and her curves just where they should be, Veronica Rayne has quickly established herself as one of the most desirable Milfs/cougar of the X industry.

It seems that at the beginning of her career, she wanted to make up for lost time by chaining the shootings, to play in more than 300 scenes in 10 years. So you can admire her in every way and in every situation, in her roles of very hot mamma !

#17 Sofya Curly

Sofya is an Italian pornstar who started porn in 2018, when she was already 29 years old. Her naturally luscious body, with its imposing breasts, a flat stomach but a nice bouncy ass, did not take long to meet its public. An evidence, when we see the vigor with which Sofya Curly is active in front of the camera, in hard scenes, even very hard !

She is often surrounded by men, whom she masturbates, sucks and lets enter her, with among her exploits, a fuck with 4 sexes at the same time. If you have an appetite for big dirty girls, you will be delighted.

#18 Gia Dimarco

Gia Dimarco is as sexy and as involved as Italian porn stars like Valentina Nappi or Rebecca Volpetti can be, and she sports an ultra hot style that reminds of those two sex bombs. It’s not surprising to see her driving her partners, girls or boys, crazy in divine sex scenes. Whether it’s for her tattoos that give a little rebellious side to her body, her delicious doe eyes, her long and slender legs or this insane ass, it’s impossible to resist her !

She likes to jerk off, suck, have her back or breasts covered with sperm, and of course share the pleasures with several partners. And to complete the picture, she is as well the total submissive as the very severe dominas. Believe us, Gia Dimarco will leave her mark on the Italian porn industry !

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#19 Karlee Grey

If you ask a man to describe an Italian pornstar, he’ll probably tell you that she has big boobs, a bouncy ass, big black eyes and straight hair that goes down to her butt. And that’s exactly the definition of Karlee Grey, an Italian bombshell who honors Latin beauties.

Super sexy, elegant, provocative, there are many adjectives to describe Karlee’s style and assets. But suffice it to say that she loves sex toys, never says no to doggy style and spanking, and has shot almost 500 hardcore scenes in 5 years, to convince you of the potential of this incredible pornstar.

#20 Ivy Lebelle

When you see her getting taken by massive sexes, you think Ivy Lebelle has been doing this all her life. But in reality, the pretty brunette with the square haircut started working in the X world at 30 years old, in 2017 ! We’ll say she’s made up for it since then, playing over 220 scenes, interracial, lesbian or intense masturbation.

There’s something crazy deep in her eyes that would make even the wisest of men cringe. Unless it’s her huge breasts, her super sexy tattoos or her man-eating look that makes her lose her mind ?

#21 Gianna Dior

Gianna Dior got into porn in 2018, at the age of 21. She could have become a model, TV starlet, presenter, given her slender physique and natural class. But the pretty brunette with her well-balanced frame – 1m65, 48 kg and a well-filled D-cup – focused on what she really loved, namely sex !

She plays the little naughty girls, the young women in heat, the neighbors or the half-sisters, with always this same smile which reminds that she loves it. Sexy in lingerie, terribly hot when she is covered with sperm, and absolutely divine when she undulates on the sexes of her partners while staring at the camera, she is an Italian pornstar that we are likely to see for a long time in the industry and this is excellent news.

#22 Trinity St Clair

The Italian origins of Trinity St Clair are not in doubt when you see her, with an atypical face and a smile that we often see in the boot. She combines the cute side of the young Italian women with their very sexy side and at 32 years, she still manages to play the young first because of her charming naturalness. The pretty brunette began at 20 in the porn and in 12 years, she passed by all the types of sex, confessing to want to satiate her devouring appetite as regards ass.

If she has many assets, this Italian porn actress should seduce you by the sensuality that emanates from her body when it is wrapped in naughty lingerie, or by the delicacy with which she wipes the sperm that flows from her mouth or vagina at the end of a scene. Beware, we quickly become addicted to this type of beauty !

#23 Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie is not only the most famous Italian porn actress of the country but also one of the most famous in the world ! Blonde, sexy, luscious, she is now 42 years old but continues to expand her list of X scenes, with over 1,000 films to her credit. Among the specialties that made her famous, we will mention her great flexibility, her pronounced taste for anal sex and her desire for gangbang that never seems to be extinguished.

Whether we like or not this vulgar and bimbo style, in the purest tradition of pornstars of the 80s and 90s, we can only salute the incredible performances of this true legend.

#24 Sofia Cucci

Sofia Cucci grew up in Italy, but has Romanian origins that add a little more spice to an already sexy body. The 36 year old brunette beauty has a (re-done) E-cup, firm buttocks, a flat stomach that glistens when covered in cum and a throat that works wonders, with the ability to swallow huge penises !

It is enough to see her in her scenes of sodomy, which she particularly likes, or when she plays the frightened virgins between two men before letting them penetrate her with vigor, to understand that Sofia was predestined to make porn !

#25 Bella Bellz

We finish this top of Italian pornstar with an atypical creature, naturally teasing and far from the stereotype of the small, brown and naughty Italian. Bella Bellz has short hair, a punk look and vast tattoos that cover her whole body. Even her measurements are strange, with a big bouncy ass that seems to denote with her small breasts.

But once you see her in action, putting so much energy in making her partners cum, spreading cum on her face, screaming with pleasure when she’s being sodomized and writhing with pleasure when she’s being masturbated, it’s easy to understand that she’s got a place among the elite Italian pornstars !

I hope you enjoyed this selection of the most beautiful Italian pornstars. If Italy has some great X actresses, don’t forget that we have some real bombshells here, who also know how to satisfy men.

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