Mature OnlyFans: The 30 Hottest OnlyFans Gilfs and Older Women

So you’re into older women? Those with experience, who know what they’re doing with their eyes closed? Well, if the regular old OnlyFans milfs don’t do it for you, maybe you’re just not thinking “old” enough. You may be wondering what exactly the difference is between a mature lady and a milf, and the answer’s pretty simple: mature ladies are older, and usually more natural. Whereas milfs often rival young women in terms of hotness, and have often had quite a few surgeries to keep looking young, mature ladies prefer to age gracefully and be sexy in their own way. If you, like me, have a love of older women and find experience attractive, you’re in for a treat: here’s our list of the 30 best mature OnlyFans ladies on the whole website. These ladies are classy, sexy, and know what they’re doing – so don’t wait around, check out the best OnlyFans accounts run by sexy gilfs and get an eyeful of these stunning silver foxes.

Top 5 Mature OnlyFans accounts

Mature OnlyFans: The 30 Best Mature Gilfs on the Whole Site

1. Your Candy

Emma, or “Your Candy” as she’s known online is a beautiful, mature blonde milf with a killer body despite her age. Emma has blended her silver hairs beautifully with her natural blonde locks, and looks so much younger than she is. She can do it all: customs, sexting, dick rates, and even the girlfriend experience. Emma posts regular, super sizzling content and it’s always a good day when she does. Check out her best work on OnlyFans when you subscribe below for free.


2. Jade Wade

jade wade mature onlyfans fitness

The number one hottest mature OnlyFans creator in our unprofessional opinion is Jade Wade. This classy yet wild blonde is a fitness instructor, so her body is still absolutely banging despite her being up there in years. She’s totally submissive, and loves to be bossed around be alpha males – think you’re up to the task? A blonde, slender gilf with a pair of impressive boobs, Jade likes to get super, super kinky, and she posts all kind of hardcore X-rated content including, lesbian, cuckold fantasy, anal, BDSM, foot stuff and more. She’s fetish friendly and super inclusive, so don’t be shy – get in contact with Jade when you subscribe to her page for free today. Check out some more of the best free OnlyFans accounts if you’re on a budget!


3. Chubby Gilf

chubby gilf bbw mature

Chubby Gilf is the best of the best in terms of mature women with a few extra pounds. She also calls herself “Your BBW Mature GILF”, and these terms certainly describe her well. She’s over 50, and has a growing thirst for hardcore sex. Chubby Gilf claims having regular sex keeps her hormones steady and keeps her satisfied. In her own words, “the traces of time are all over my body”, and that’s something we love about gilfs. Her breasts are sensitive, and her pussy is big and juicy: she’s just waiting for another young man to watch her pleasure herself, and maybe even help her squirt. If you like them older and chubby, check out Chubby Gilf for $5.99 for the first month, then for $9.99.


4. Cougar Christine

Christine Ash mature onlyfans babe cougar

Cougar Christine is a sexy 50-year-old brunette with a slender build and a hot body. She’s not really a gilf yet, but she is a mature milf, and she’s even got a TikTok account – maybe she’s the most popular girl TikToker OnlyFans creator. She’s already in the top 2% of OnlyFans creators, which is pretty impressive considering mature women are a niche pleasure. Christine posts all sorts of stuff, from sexy boudoir shots to full porn videos, many of which include super kinky stuff. She especially loves to create sizzling solo content for her devoted fans: check out her full page for $9.99/month and see what she has in store!


5. Miss

missoxox sexy gilf

Simply known as “Miss”, this gorgeous English cougar is nothing if not a blonde babe with a fat ass. She’s classy, seductive, and she makes me feel a little light-headed. Miss lives a lavish, jet-set lifestyle and loves to travel, drink, and fornicate. Whether it’s by herself or with her friends, she loves nothing more than a good dicking down from a sexy young stranger. Her content ranges from sexy nudes to XXX content, and Miss loves – nay, expects – to be spoiled. She’s used to a certain level of comfort, and men should provide that, in her opinion. Check out her content for $13 a month on OnlyFans.


6. Lauren Spencer

lauren spencer classy older lady nudes

Lauren Spencer is a really classy lady. With a posh, upper-class British accent and an extensive collection of high-end lingerie, there’s no doubt that Lauren is a big spender and a high-flyer. Something great about Lauren is that she does no PPV, and when you subscribe to her OnlyFans, you can access to all of her media. She also loves to receive dirty pictures, so don’t be shy! Lauren does B/G, G/G, creampie, blowjob, squirting, anal and much, much more. This incredibly sexy gilf is a real OnlyFans blowjob connoisseur, and she knows her way around any and all parts of both genders body. To see more of Lauren and what she can do, subscribe to her OnlyFans for $9.99 a month today.


7. Southern Mature Woman

southern mature woman onlyfans

Southern Mature Woman as she’s simply known is a woman in her 60s who’s got a thirst for attention that we love to quench. She’s hot, and ripe for the picking. Her skin looks so soft and her eyes are so inviting, it would be hard to resist signing up if she charged loads of money, but her page is free! This silver fox posts all sorts of sexy content, from lingerie shots and nudes up to pornographic content of varying degrees of intensity. She’s totally crazy, and loves to show her wild side on camera for her fans. Ask her about customs too, she loves nothing more than making your fantasies come true! For more on this southern belle, subscribe to her for free today at the link below.


8. BBW Gilf UK

bbw gilf uk naked nudes

BBW Gilf UK, henceforth referred to as BBWGilf is a curvy, silver haired grandma with a passion for showing off her body. She may not be everyone’s tastes, as she’s not conventionally gorgeous, but she’s certainly not lacking in fans. BBWGilf has huge boobs and an even huger appetite for sex: if you’re into thirsty gilfs, you might have met your next favorite creator. This comely older lady is good at what she does: she posts incredible lingerie shots and nude pictures daily, so check her out by clicking the link below and subscribing for $4.89 for the first month (regular price $6.99).


9. Catherine Can

catherine can onlyfans mature babe

Who can make your filthiest dreams come true? Catherine Can! Okay, enough with the puns, on to the fun. Catherine is a gorgeous mature blonde English woman, and she’s very popular on OnlyFans. She’s super fetish-friendly and is open to creating all kinds of custom content, but she also has a big collection of media already posted to her page, including role-play content, foot fetish stuff, pantyhose, domination and more. Check out Catherine’s full page when you subscribe below for just $4.99 a month.


10. Leilani Lei

sexy gilf mature leilani lei

She describes herself as a “friendly sensual mature slut” which are all terms I love to hear: Leilani is a lovely, beautiful woman in her 50s that loves to create personalized adult content that’s smoldering hot and hard to beat even by girls half her age. She’s a slender, silver-haired minx with a passion for masturbation. Leilani has also quite a few collabs uploaded to her page, but has said that as of now she will upload only solo content for personal reasons. If Leilani and her long, silver hair and sleek, mature body do it for you, consider subscribing to her OnlyFans for $9.99 a month below.


11. The Golden Gilf

the golden gilf mature onlyfans

The Golden Gilf is, as the name suggests, a gorgeous grandma. She makes “real, genuine, unfiltered content” for your pleasure, and it certainly is our pleasure. The name also suggests that she’s in her “golden age”, as many of the mature OnlyFans girls feel like they’re in the best years of their lives now they feel sexier and unbridled. The Golden Gilf mostly posts beautiful, high quality lewd and nude pictures: whether you’re into see-through lingerie or latex bodysuits, she can provide you with what you need. Note that she doesn’t do hardcore porn or XXX content, but what she does do is extremely seductive. Check out her full page for $15 a month today when you click the link below.


12. Athena Risque

athena risque sexy older woman

Athena Risque is a hot, BBW in her 50s with a great work ethic and an impressively large back catalog of pictures and videos. She already has over 10k photos posted, and shows no signs of slowing down! A gorgeous, curvy blonde, Athena knows how to please men of all ages: she’s got heaps of experience, and a killer lingerie collection. This lovely BBW posts all kinds of content, including sexy nudes, boudoir shots and more hardcore, X-rated stuff too. To see what exactly Athena has in store for you, click the link below and subscribe for $3.15 for the first 31 days ($8.99 regular price).


13. HotWife Blondie

hotwife blondie onlyfans

HotWife Blondie is, as you can probably guess, blonde, hot, and someone’s wife. A sultry, sexy babe, she commands respects and knows how to make herself the center of attention. For an older woman, her body is incredible: if you like them old but slim and athletic, you’re in for a treat! HotWife Blondie isn’t shy either: her content can get pretty nasty, and that’s how we like it. She posts stuff from nudes and lewd images all the way to XXX content with loud, screaming orgasms aplenty. If you’re into stunning, blonde women in their golden age, check out HotWife Blondie for just $12.49 a month below!


14. Hotwife Candy

hot wife candy sexy older woman hot gilf

Another HotWife fantasy? Yes please! This time it’s Hot Wife Candy, a beautiful mature OnlyFans creator who says she’s “a classy, sweet and innocent mom, wife, and grandma with a secret”. Well, that secret is super freaking sexy. This gorgeous woman is in her 60s, can you believe it? And her favorite thing to do in her golden age is to make hot content for her fans. This can include daily nudes and intimate photos, as well as X-rated porn with her and her husband, as well as her various lovers. She’s a real sex pro, and she makes short work of most men. Check out Candy’s full feed for $14.99 a month when you subscribe below!


15. Karen Eng

karen eng hot mature woman onlyfans

Karen Eng as she’s known is a lovely blonde mature OnlyFans babe with a pair of natural 38DD tits. When it comes to mature OnlyFans with big tits creators, she’s the best of the best. Karen is a classy, expensive looking woman with a dirty little secret that she’s letting us be a part of. She posts regular sexy pictures and nudes to her wall as well as seductive videos, and even offers some much more hardcore content as PPV. Karen does lots of different stuff, such as blowjobs, dick ratings, B/G content and more. If you’re into sexy, mature blondes with a classy vibe, check out Karen Eng below for $3.24 for the first month (regular price $12.95) or take advantage of her subscription bundles and get a little surprise!


16. UnMasked Scorpio

unmasked scorpio blonde old woman

UnMasked Scorpio is an incredible mature babe that loves nothing more than showing off her slinkiest lingerie. She’s dirty, naughty, and gorgeous, just how I like her. The only way to see this sultry, sexy blonde take off her mask is to subscribe, and when you do, a whole world of lovely pictures and videos opens up. Her big, busty boobs are a real sight to behold, especially when they’re bouncing up and down as she rides a big old dick. UnMasked Scorpio posts nude pictures, lingerie shots, XXX content and more, including solo play, B/G, G/G, and she’ll even make customs on demand. Check out her account when you subscribe by clicking below.


17. Hannah Smith

sexy old woman hannah smith

Hannah Smith is a British babe in her 40s with a thirst for young men. One of her favorite things to do is role play with her fans, pretending to be the milf next door or your naughty step-mom. She’s a really kinky babe, and she’s gorgeous to boot: her silver hair and hungry eyes really scream “fuck me”. She posts new and exciting content every day, and it’s always super sexy and often pretty intense. Hannah livestreams once a week for her fans, too, which is always a nice surprise for the most devoted among you! She replies to all DMs, and usually with sultry, sexy voice notes that’ll turn you on in a second. To see more of Hannah Smith, subscribe to her OnlyFans for $3.75 for the first 31 days (regular price $14.99/month).


18. Jessie Jet

hotwifejj naked onlyfans pictures mature

Jessie Jet is a 40-something year old mature blonde babe with a beautiful body and a nice collection of lingerie. Although she’s younger than some other ladies on this list, she’s technically a gilf, so we decided to include her too! She’s fit as heck, and her curves make me foam at the mouth a little if I’m honest. Jessie also happens to be a nurse, which is another one of my personal fantasies. She posts daily content such as gorgeous nudes, lingerie shots, and videos including squirting, foursomes, interracial, lesbian content and more. She’s very multitalented, and isn’t shy about trying new things! So check out her full page for $7.99 a month and find out why she’s in the top 0% of all creators!


19. Amber “Caring Touch”

caring touch onlyfans mature

Amber, also known as “Caring Touch”, became a milf in 1996, and is still going strong as a sexy gilf! She says she’s “The woman next door […] who loves being naughty, adores your attention & always wants more!” so why not treat her to some of your attention (and money)? Amber posts regular, sizzling hot content, mostly erotic nudes and pornographic videos, but you’ll have to subscribe to know the details! This 40-something year old takes life with a pinch of sugar, and she’s definitely taking advantage of her golden years to fulfil her fantasies. Check out her page for $9.99 a month today and see what she can do for you.


20. Montse Swinger

montse swinger onlyfans

Montse Swinger is an already pretty well established Spanish porn star. This gorgeous, curvy mature brunette loves to use OnlyFans to have a more personal and direct relationship with her fans, and we really appreciate it. She’s hot, and she knows it: there’s no mistaking that she’s possibly the hottest Spanish mature woman on the whole site. She posts sultry lewd pictures, full nudes, as well as XXX videos and spicy porn. If you like mature, European brunettes, you’re in for a treat! Check out Montse’s page for $6.50 for the first 31 days (regular price $9.99).


21. JJ

playwithjj mature onlyfans

JJ is a 50-something year old BBW redhead with a talent for dick sucking. A big-titted beauty, JJ knows where her talents lie and doesn’t waste them: she’s beautiful and very, very good at her job! This curvy babe loves to please her partners by any means necessary. She posts a variety of content to her page, including solo, bisexual, lesbian, 3some, swinger stuff and more. If you’re into lovely, luscious, curvy mature babes with fiery hair, check out JJ below for free.


22. Pixel Pixie

pixel pixie hot gilf mature onlyfans

Charice, known as “Pixel Pixie” is a sexy gilf next door with an athletic build and a gorgeous pair of fake boobs. This blonde, mature barbie has the ideal body, and we love to see it. Charice also has a bunch of social media profiles, including TikTok, YouTube (check out more of the best YouTubers with OnlyFans here), Reddit, Twitter and more. She answers all her DMs personally, and loves to chat, create custom content, and make your whole experience feed personalized. She posts daily content, including JOI, dirty talk, role play, blowjob, solo, B/G, G/G and more. Check out Charice’s account below and subscribe for $9.09 for the first month (regular price $12.99/month).


23. Mature Carrie

mature carrie hot sexy old woman

Mature Carrie is a sexy, sultry mature OnlyFans creator that posts super seductive content. Her big tits are rivaled only by her lovely soft feet, and she paints both in a very positive light on her page. This lovely, raven haired gilf posts regular content including nudes, lingerie pictures, boudoir shoots, but also hardcore pornography. She loves to get dicked down by younger men, almost as much as this curvy babe loves to put dicks in her pretty mouth. Check out her full feed when you subscribe for $6.99 a month by clicking below.


24. Nita Marie

nita marie sexy older woman

Nita Marie is a big-breasted, blonde mature babe who loves to fuck her stepson and his friends. She’s truly gorgeous, with a pair of lovely, full lips and a big, beautiful booty. Nita is very talented too, and has so problem pleasuring men and women of any age. In terms of content, you can expect to see a huge variety on her OnlyFans page, including: blowjobs, mommy kink, interracial, lesbian, orgies and more. She makes super sexy custom content too, and loves to talk one-on-one, make JOI videos, etc. Check out Nita for free by subscribing below today.


25. Slinky Drinks

slinky drinks sexy older woman grandma

Slinky Drinks as she’s known on OnlyFans is a lovely mature woman in her mid-fifties. This Hot Latina OnlyFans housewife is very multitalented, and has an easy time pleasuring any and all partners. She doesn’t do any PPV content, as has over 12,000 posts on her page, including full length sex tapes and gorgeous nude pictures. Basically, as soon as you subscribe, you get access to her full, extensive catalog of adult content! She posts new photo sets weekly, and videos including blowjobs, toys, B/G sex and more. Slinky Drinks is a very popular creator, and you’ll soon see why when you subscribe to her page for just $5.25 for the first month (regular price$7.50/month).


26. Mature Woman Sex

mature woman sex onlyfans

Mature Woman Sex is a popular page run by an amateur adult performer in her 50s. A curvy brunette with a killer body, she loves to show off her best bits and make hardcore, seductive videos and photos. She says she’s “an older woman, hairy pussy, big ass, the mature woman you want to fuck”, and she’s got a point. You can expect to see all kinds of XXX content, such as solo content, anal sex, blowjobs and more. She’s a real 50-something year old nympho! Check out her full page today when you subscribe for free (yes, free!) and get a load of her intriguing, fetish-friendly page.


27. Jane Greene

jane green middle aged mommy sexy

Jane Greene is a stunning, brown haired gilf with seductive eyes and a gorgeous smile. Jane loves nothing more than chatting with her fans in her free time, and posting sexy content to her page is her little secret release from her boring life. She has over 2k photos and 170 videos posted to her page, but also provides the opportunity to order custom content as well as buy extra PPV videos if you’re into her stuff! Check out Jane’s full page for free and see if you can get yourself a little treat.


28. Fiorilainrelix

Fiorilainrelix sexy grandma

“Fiorilainrelix” as she’s simply known is a super popular mature OnlyFans babe that posts uncensored, high quality nudes and lewd pictures. This gorgeous lady in her 50s loves to undress and take artistic photos of her in different lingerie sets, positions, and places. She’s incredible, and her photos are unparalleled. However, note that she doesn’t post hardcore porn like many other mature OnlyFans creators do. Check out her full page and see what she actually does for just $6.99 a month today!


29. Dawn Allison

dawn allison gilf

Dawn Allison is a beautiful, mature gilf with a sexy body, long legs, natural boobs… I mean, what more could a man ask for? Or a woman for that matter. She’s lovely, and she’s talented too: Dawn posts incredible content that varies from lingerie shots all the way up to X-rated pornographic videos including solo content, B/G, G/G and more. What’s more, she posts content daily, and never misses an upload, so you won’t be waiting for long to get new pictures and videos! Dawn loves to chat to her fans and makes customs too, so don’t be shy, send her a quick message! Just subscribe below for free and get in contact to order your own personalized content.


30. Mommy of 3

hot mommy mature onlyfans

Hot Mommy Of 3 is a deliciously daring brunette mature mommy that we just love. She’s petite with huge boobs and a big, bouncy butt, and she knows how to make her body look totally irresistible. Mommy of 3 posts high quality nudes, lewd pictures, as well as hot videos such as fetish content, role play, costume content, stepmom fantasy and more. You can also order custom, personalized content from her if you have specific desires. If you’re feeling even more naughty, you can buy her used panties for some extra fun! Check out mommy of 3 below for $9.99 a month to get a full view.


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