Petite OnlyFans: The 20 Hottest Petite OnlyFans Models

Is there a better feeling than spooning a cute and petite girl in bed? I’m not sure there is. Feeling their tiny bodies against ours is a sensation every man (and women) has to experience at least once. So, if like me, you like cute girls with petite bodies, you’re in the right place, because here’s the list of the best 20 Petite OnlyFans models on the platform. We’ve got a good range of petite girls, and I’m sure you’ll find one who would love to get in bed with you!

Top 5 Best Petite OnlyFans Creators

  • Dainty Wilder — Best Petite OnlyFans Creator
  • Shaye Rivers — Best Petite Girl for Cock Rates
  • Jameliz — Sexiest Petite Latina
  • Olivia — Hottest Petite OnlyFans Babe for Blowjobs
  • Lillie — Best Blonde Petite OnlyFans Creator

Hottest Petite Onlyfans Accounts to Follow in 2024

1. Dainty Wilder

dainty wilder the most sexy and hot petite onlyfans models

Let’s start this list with what is probably one of the best OnlyFans accounts on the platform: Dainty Wilder. This chick is the whole package : cute, petite, banging body, slutty eyes, horny 24/7 and a master at her craft. Self-described as a “squirting nympho slut”, Dainty Wilder, like her name suggests, is pretty darn wild. You’ll find a crazy amount of hot content on her page, ranging from solo play, lesbian content, squirting orgasms, anal play, B/G videos, kinks/fetish content and even random hookups with fans. For the most loyal of fans, she even does live shows. Dainty is just absolutely incredible, and at only $9.99 a month, we just can’t get enough of her.


2. Shaye Rivers

shaye rivers cock rate queen petite onlyfans model

You like to send dick pics and have it rated by your favorite petite OnlyFans model? Well some are better at rating than others, and Shaye Rivers might just be THE queen of cock rating (plus she’s also a petite queen and a redhead OnlyFans queen). Shaye loves dirty talk, so you can expect some filthy conversations in the DMs. On her page you’ll find all kinds of stuff, like kinky roleplay, custom content, sexting, live streams, and she will even send you her worn panties if you’re ready to pay the price. The best part? Signing up is 100% free, so why wait?


3. Jameliz

best latina and petite of jameliz

Jameliz is a gorgeous, petite OnlyFans hottie, she might even be one of the hottest models on the platform. We absolutely love the cute smile on her face when she gets railed, or orgasms after playing with her pussy. Jameliz posts content daily, with new sex tapes (B/G, G/G, anal, squirting, solo, etc…) every week and new nudes on the daily. She loves to rate dick pics too, so don’t be a stranger, shoot her a message to have a naughty, one-on-one session with her. And the best part? Her OnlyFans has no PPV, when you subscribe for $19.99 a month, you get instantly access to more than a hundred sex videos and thousands of sexy pictures.


4. Olivia

olivia petite onlyfans sexy hot petite

Oliva, Oliva, Olivia… how is it possible for a petite woman to be this sexy? It’s almost too good to be true. Lovers of kinky lingerie will find her page to be a welcoming place, because Olivia absolutely loves to have fun while wearing the teeniest sets. Bikinis, laced bras and more, it’s pretty hard to not cum when looking at her slim body. On her page you’ll find a wide range of content, ranging from anal, solo, B/G and G/G videos to weekly live shows. If you’re nice and tip enough, she’ll gladly listen to custom requests, and make your fantasies come true. If you like seriously sizzling OnlyFans blowjob content, Olivia won’t disappoint, especially for just $14.99 a month.


5. Lillie

lillie best and sexiest petite onlyfans models

Wow, what an ass! Lillie is a stunning, petite OnlyFans creator who loves to get naked and have fun with her fans. Studying to get her biomedic degree, Lillie is not only a hot babe, she’s also got the brains to go with it. On her page, you’ll find fully nude videos and pictures, daily updates on her wall, live streams every week and more – she even does 1-on-1 sexting sessions. For the naughtiest fans, this PAWG OnlyFans queen loves to send her worn panties for you to enjoy. Let’s say you’re very much into naked yoga and sexy workouts, Lillie’s incredible body will help you get to nirvana. Basically, if you have a fetish, Lillie will help you make your fantasies come true, and for only $9.99 a month.


6. Bek

bek sexy cosplay petite onlyfans

Hiding behind Bek’s cute eyes and smile, is a slut who loves to get wild to have fun with her fans. She loves to play – not just computer games – but also with herself. Bek loves to dress up, and do seductive OnlyFans cosplay content your favorite characters, and get fucked while wearing the costume. Self-proclaimed expert at dirty talk, you can expect a lot from a one on one session with Bek. Get ready to have your mind blown, because Bek has tons of content already available on her page, and absolutely no PPV. Get all this and more, for only $12.99 a month.


7. RLrunescapeGF

most sexiest and hot and flabbergasting hot petite onlyfans

RLrunescapeGF is another sexy gamer girl with some of the hottest nudes on OnlyFans. If you like to roleplay, Rune will welcome you to her shop, where you’ll be able to buy her “wares” – and by that, I mean pictures and videos of her naked body. You’ll find plenty of content to get off too : booty shaking, topless PPV, pussy close up, anal play, slit slips and much, much more. To be a part of her world, you only need to pay 10$ a month, what’s not to love?


8. Blondie

blondie petite onlyfans

By far one of the sexiest blonde OnlyFans creators, Blondie is the definition of a “pocket girlfriend”, this cute Scottish babe has perky boobs and an ass that won’t quit. You’ll be happy to learn that she posts daily updates to her page, and as already tons of content of her pretty pussy, and naughty videos of her fingering herself, or playing with her large collection of dildos. She’s open to make your dreams come true if you want some custom content too, and for only $9.99, you too can be a part of Blondie’s adventure.


9. Vina Sky

vina sky petite onlyfans

Name a better combo than a petite OnlyFans model who’s also a delicious Asian OnlyFans creator? Vina Sky is a Vietnamese girl, who is, in our opinion also of the sexiest big tits OnlyFans babes on the platform. This gorgeous doll with a rich skin tone is ready to be puppeteered by her fans, so shoot her a DM if you want custom content and a naughty sexting session. For only $8 a month, you can get access to Vina’s bed and most intimate moments, as well as learning what makes her happy, what makes her cum, and how you can help her on the way to orgasm city. Vina does weekly live shows where she begs her fans to tell her what to do with her body, so sign up now and have some fun with her!


10. Lily

lily petite onlyfans

If you want something a bit more hardcore, Lily’s page is one stop you’re not going to regret. This petite British OnlyFans babe is only 19, but she’s already a freak in the sheets. And just because she’s petite doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a great ass, too. Lily’s butt is one hell of a delight, and her firm buttocks and tight pussy are every man’s dream. She’s into hardcore stuff, so if you like BDSM, dirty talk, sub/dom relation and someone without any limits, Lily is your go-to page. Fairly priced at $10 a month, you’ll get a bang for your buck with tons of sexy content : B/G, G/G, bj tape, solo play, BDSM and anal, toys, JOI and so much more.


11. Tracey Cindy

tracey cindy petite onlyfans

The best ebony OnlyFans babes on the platform is also the one of the best petite OnlyFans models. Tracey is a deep-skinned queen, and she has curves so smooth and sexy, you could cum just by looking at her naked body. This medical student from Hawaii is only 4’11 and 96 pounds, so she’s petite alright. She loves to share her body with strangers and you’ll get tons of content ranging from her playing with her pussy or getting fucked by her boyfriend. The best part? Her page is 100% free, so sign up for some exotic fun.


12. Chloe Mae

chloe mae onlyfans petite

As one of the hottest milf OnlyFans creators, Chloe Mae knows how to please her fans. And just because she’s petite (Chloe is only 5’1) doesn’t mean she’s not spicy in bed: her perfect body is super fit since she loves to work out. She even does videos of her working out in skimpy clothes (or sometimes even naked), and for some reason, she always ends up playing with herself…! She loves sexting with her fans, so don’t hesitate to contact her. The best thing? Her page is totally free, so sign up today for some budget-friendly fun.


13. Loren Grey

lorern grey

Loren Grey is a popular YouTuber with OnlyFans, and on her OnlyFans page you’ll be able to find exclusive and explicit videos that you can’t find anywhere else. Big fan of self-love, Loren calls herself a “natural slut” who never misses a chance to cum by playing with her sex toys. She does it all : cosplay, dildos videos, anal, BJ, JOI, BDSM, and much, much more. Her tight pussy and delicious booty are just begging to get wrecked, so if you’re feeling lucky, she might ask you to join her in bed. On the pricier side of things, Loren’s page cost $30 a month, but for that price, you’ll get access to tons of boner inducing content.


14. Hanna Zuki

hanna zuki

When it comes to sexy Hmong OnlyFans creators, Hanna Zuki is among the best of the best. This cute petite Asian girl is one of the naughtiest babe on the platform. You won’t believe how kinky Hanna can get, and when she moans, you’ll have to hold on for dear life. For just $20 a month, you’ll get access to Hanna Zuki’s treasure trove of content. Classy and elegant, she rocks a body so hot, you could faint just by looking at it. Be careful though, you might get addicted to her body! Hanna is into sexting, and loves to get personal in the DMs with her fans. So if you feel frisky and want to have some fun, you know where to go.


15. Stephany Wet

Stephany Wet

As one of the best free OnlyFans accounts on the platform, Stephany Wet, is, as you might have guessed, very wet for you. Constantly horny, she opened her OnlyFans page to share with the world her wild adventures and OnlyFans squirting content. Stephany doesn’t shy away from anything, and if she could, she would have sex every second of the day. This Ukrainian babe has a perfect, fit body, that she uses to lure men and make them do her bidding. This queen of masturbation posts daily, and since her page is free, you’ll be able to enjoy her content without having to pay a dime. And if you want exclusive content, make sure to send her a DM: Stephany will answer you and make you fantasy come true.


16. Sofia Rodriguez

sofia rodriguez

You like a good Latina OnlyFans babe, as well as a petite cutie? I think we might have found the girl for you! Sofia is a 4’6 Argentinian babe with an attitude, and an ass so thick you could get smothered. Looking like a “girl next door”, Sofia loves to squirt as she orgasms, so of course, you’ll find plenty of soaking wet content on her page. At $30 a month, Sofia’s page is a tad pricey, but the quality of the pictures and videos she posts makes it well worth it in our opinion.


17. Julia


This sexy busty OnlyFans babe is Julia, a naughty demon hiding behind the face of an angel. She uses her petite body to make you think she’s all innocent and pure, but in reality, Julia is a slut who loves to beg for men to cum for her. Julia is as passionate as she is tender, she loves to listen and bond in the dms, but when she gets horny, her wild side takes over and she gets… aggressively hot. If you like hot and spicy content, you’ll be happy to learn that you can subscribe to Julia for free and enjoy hundreds of pictures and videos of her playing with her pussy with toys or her fingers. For a more personal touch, she likes to spend time sending custom content to her fans too, so don’t be shy.


18. Katya


Katya is the exact opposite of a mature OnlyFans babe, and there’s nothing like a young, fiery vixen to get the blood pumping. She’s only 19, but she’s already got tons of experience under her belt. 100% natural, her tight and firm body is yours for $0 a month: yup, her page is completely free. Her content ranges from solo play, squirting videos, anal, sex tapes with girls and boys. And if you’re into sexting and dick ratings, make sure to shoot her a message to get her attention. For those among you who love a fitness enthusiast, she does yoga sessions where she doesn’t wear much, sometimes nothing at all…


19. Kate Soul

Kate Soul

Kate is an innocent, cute, and very petite OnlyFans model. She’s playful, and loves discovering new techniques to make herself and her partner cum. If you have a high sex drive and want to be a part of her OF adventure, you can subscribe to her page for free (yes, free). Kate posts a wide variety of intense videos, including some seriously hot anal OnlyFans content. The perfect mix of innocence and naughtiness, Kate Soul might just steal yours, just so she can have sex with it. And with a body like hers, would you actually say no?


20. Zoey Tatia

Zoey Tatia

Let’s finish off this list of the best Petite OnlyFans models with Zoey, one hell of a gorgeous babe. This impressive, big ass OnlyFans creator’s body will make you beg for mercy. She’s very into BDSM, wearing leather and latex, and is an expert at using a whip. Zoey is a hot and very spicy girl. She always takes the time to answer every message she gets, and if she ends up liking you, she will send you some private pictures and videos only for you to enjoy. Very fetish friendly, if you have a kink, she’ll go above and beyond to make sure you cum to your hearts content, and you can get all of this for only $35 a month.