Russian Pornstar : TOP 20 Best And Hottest Pornstars from Russia

Russia and its blonde, sexy, luscious women has always made men dream and a good Russian pornstar will allow you to satisfy your desires in the company of the hottest women in the adult film industry. But who is the sexiest Russian pornstar ? Which one makes the best blowjob ? Which Russian pornstar will turn you on the most ? Here is a selection that will help you choose the protagonists you want to see in action !

How about looking at our selection of the best pornstar !

Top 20 Best Russian Pornstars in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Hottest Russian Pornstars ?

#1 Katya Clover

A real little sex bomb, still young but already aware of the porn techniques to make any spectator crazy. Bisexual, she knows how to put her mouth, her vagina and her breasts at the service of her partners ! We hope that her career, just launched, explodes, because we want to see her in as many movies as possible and to integrate for a long time our ranking of the best porn actresses !

Moreover, she is a Russian pornstar…100% natural, who does not use any make-up. A pure wonder !

#2 Milena Devi

Milena transforms a simple hard scene into a real explosion of pleasure. Well helped by her pulpy lips and by an ass to make crack even the most faithful of men, Milena does not hesitate to practice with several men for her films. She applies herself to make them cum in her mouth, on her opulent chest and on her body. If you like mature, enterprising Russian women, this redheaded porn actress from Russia will satisfy you !

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#3 Eva Berger

Sometimes blond, sometimes redhead, Eva Berger is as colorful as she likes to be with her partners. Less hard than many of her colleagues, she appreciates naughty, erotic sex, which gradually slips towards harder sex. When she decides to let herself go, the pretty Russian doesn’t hesitate to play with her charms and her physical assets to satisfy her world !

#4 Eva Elfie

The one who will resist to these eyes and this small body is not born yet. Eva alone represents the best that Russia has to offer in recent years. This adorable blonde porn actress with a bouncy butt knows how to play with her mischievous look to get her way. And judging by the faces of her partners, she sucks like a queen and never says no to several sexes inside her.

Very young and already so promising, there is a good chance that she will become one of the most appreciated Russian pornstar in the next years.

#5 Angel Rivas

Beware, under her angelic looks and the tattooed wings on her back, this beautiful woman hides a real demon. Dark-haired, perfectly made, Angel is one of the most attractive pornstar of the moment. She doesn’t balk at any scene and the number of her partners doesn’t matter: she sucks, jerks, swallows and receives as many loins as possible to reach ecstasy in noisy orgasms. A real bomb !

#6 Veronica Morre

If you are looking for a naughty, sensual Russian pornstar who will look at you with mischievous eyes before taking you in her mouth, Veronica Morre should please you a lot. The young woman has for the moment a very young career but we already perceive a great talent under her shy airs.

It is enough to see her playing the naive young girl or the naughty girl in full discovery of the pleasures of sex to know that she has already understood how the X works! This porn actress with big boobs is so sexy.

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#7 Anna Polina

Here is a Russian pornstar whose fame goes far beyond the borders of Putin’s land. Older, more experienced, she represents the Russian woman in her wildest state. Anna is capable of anything and she excels in Spanish handjob or sodomy. Her shapes will remind lovers of sexy women that it can be good to have a little bit of material to grab when your partner gets as violently agitated as Anna can ! Note that Anna Polina is also a French porn actress.

#8 Irina Bruni

This young lady is a Russian porn actress who doesn’t have the fame she deserves yet, but you just have to see her in action to understand why she is in this ranking ! Her plastic looks unreal, her small agile hands take a crazy pleasure to go through the bodies of her partners and her moans would make anyone crazy.

Sexy chic, she is one of those Russian actresses who honor the motherland by mixing glamour and pornography ! Fans of sexy outfits and fans of penetrating looks will be delighted.

#9 Mary Kalisy

Former model just reconverted in porn, she has the freshness of newcomers. Sometimes we don’t know if she’s playing or if she’s really enjoying being penetrated ! Mary and her divine body have not yet passed the stage of anal scenes but her sensual blowjobs and the scenes with several people in which she participates can only make us want to see more. Her little plus ? A smile that she never loses, even in the hardest moments !

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#10 Kayla Green

Let’s continue with a Russian actress who doesn’t shy away from anything ! Kayla seems to be born for porn and in her X movies, she revisits all the classics of the genre: anal, double penetration, gangbang… She seems to ask for more in each scene and her partners don’t hesitate to satisfy this pretty doll face with blonde hair ! If you like tattoos, abundant breasts and girls who scream when you take them, Kayla is the Russian pornstar you need !

#11 Liya Silver

A russian pornstar with a perfect ass and a Barbie-like plastic, are you tempted ? Here is Liya Silver, a small pornstar of 25 years old who appears, for a few years already, in many films.

Her flexibility allows her to perform feats and to be taken in all imaginable positions ! She has won many awards for the Best Oral sex scene… That gives you an idea of the capacity of this beautiful blonde.

#12 Crystal Rush

Crystal Rush is a Russian pornstar who doesn’t hesitate to present herself as the hottest pussy in the business. It must be said that with her athletic body, her big breasts and her sexy little ass, she has what it takes to fan the flames of her partners on screen. She has a little Latin air that reminds of Italian porn actresses, and an intense look that will make you travel to Russia.

She is an expert in masturbation, and she has exploded the screen, on several occasions – with more than 200 scenes in 10 years – notably in gangbangs and interracial films where nothing is spared to her. And she loves it ! Without a doubt one of the sexiest pornstars in Russia.

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#13 Dominica Phoenix

It is difficult to define exactly what a Russian pornstar should be, except if we look at Dominica Phoenix. Indeed, she seems to have a perfect body, consisting of a chest with a D-cup, a slim waist and a bouncy ass, and her strong taste for anal sex makes her a must-see and a real model !

She started in porn at 22 and hasn’t taken a break since, performing in over 130 scenes in 10 years. Now 34 years old, she oscillates between the roles of naughty Milfs and those of domina, to which it is hard to resist.

#14 Alysa Gap

Alysa Gap was noticed quite quickly in the world of Russian porn for a particular characteristic: she is a queen of sodomy, able to take multiple penetrations repeatedly with the same smile as at the beginning. Her screams of pleasure will drive the audience crazy and to spoil nothing, the beautiful Alysa has an absolutely exquisite body.

At 40 years old, this beautiful creature has nothing left to prove and what she does, she does with pleasure. You just have to watch her giving greedy blowjobs, spreading her buttocks to welcome a sex or arching on the floor to ask to be taken, to understand it !

#15 Alina Henessy

Alina Henessy is a natural beauty, who reminds us how much the motherland Russia can produce beautiful girls. At the age of 18 (in 2007), she became a cam girl and was quickly noticed by X producers. She decides to launch herself, to meet a crazy success. Her small body of angel 100 % natural seduces the men, her way of sucking with greediness makes them crazy, without even speaking about her small firm bottom which completes the picture.

Whether you prefer her cute in solo scenes or with other girls, or slutty in more hardcore scenes, you’ll always enjoy watching the beautiful Alina Henessy in action !

#16 Lucy Heart

Born in 90, this 32 years old Russian sex bomb started in the porn industry at the age of 22. Her beautiful blond hair, her deep blue eyes and her small natural forms have quickly attracted the eyes. It’s obvious when you see the way she spreads her legs to the maximum or straddles her partners with undisguised joy.

This is a Russian porn actress who ticks all the boxes, and who has gone from roles of young mutinous premieres to Milfs and unfaithful women, with the same talent. Get ready to get hot with her !

#17 Sasha Rose

Beware, with Sasha Rose, we enter the category of girls so hot that they seem unreal. But still, Sasha, 32 years old, is a Russian actress with a slim body, small measurements (1m57, 52 kg, A cup), with long black hair that goes down to her little round buttocks. If you prefer slender women to those with a full figure, she may become your absolute reference !

Sasha Rose looks younger than her age and of course, this is a major asset in the X scene, where she can play the super hot high school girls, the stepdaughters or the stepsisters. Her dream ? A Gangbang with an entire American soccer team, who could enjoy her tight orifices. As you can see, she’s a true demon in a divine body.

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#18 Kira Queen

This Russian porn actress says she turned to the porn industry to experience fantasies she couldn’t act out anywhere else. She took the pseudonym of Kira Queen and has, indeed, quickly been considered a porn queen in Russia.

She has a luscious body, with large breasts, fleshy hips and buttocks that bounce when penetrated, and a mouth that seems to be designed for fellatio. Kira Queen is typically the kind of sexy and sensual actress that would have belonged in the porn movies of the 80s and 90s, and seeing her swaying like this, surrounded by sex, will delight those who love eroticism and beautiful sex.

#19 Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson is an international porn star, one of the most recognizable Russian porn actresses and yet, if you passed her in the street, you wouldn’t imagine for a moment that she could have sucked so much sex, received so much cum and been taken by so many men as she does. She looks so cute, so pure !

Yet, this pretty 30-year-old Russian is still so hot, even after 10 years of a busy career, in which she has done everything. We don’t even know what’s more exciting: when she gets covered in cum by horny men ? Her double penetration scenes ? When she plays the little submissive ? You will make your own opinion about this Russian porn wonder !

#20 Foxy Di

Foxi Di started in porn at 22 and quickly became one of the best Russian porn actresses, playing naughty girls. Her small body allows her to embody the damsels eager for sex, which she does wonderfully. We imagine her tender, soft and fragile, but once in action, we understand that she hides crazy sex desires !

With her angelic face and her small natural breasts, it goes without saying that she would excite anyone just by smiling. So imagine when she undresses, bends over her partners or swallows them with unfeigned greed… She’s a gift of nature, and we’re thrilled she chose the porn industry to express her talents.

What a magnificent selection of Russian pornstars ! They are more beautiful than each other, and so hot !

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