Big Boobs Pornstars: TOP 25 Best Big Tits Pornstars

Some prefer them smaller, a lot of people enjoy a good pornstar with big boobs ! And that’s exactly what you are going to have in this list ! Natural or redone, the breasts of the following pornstar with big boobs will make dream all those who like to play with these soft and bouncy fatty protuberances. So, which porn actress with big breasts will have your favors ? Discover, in this ranking, the X actresses with the breasts of dreams.

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Best Pornstars With Big Tits in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Hottest Big Boobs Pornstars ?

#1 Alyson Tyler

Alyson Tyler is an American pornstar with big boobs 29 years old. Her generous breasts quickly attracted the attention of many directors, who saw the immense possibilities of sex scenes offered by these two massive breasts.

It’s no wonder that young Alyson has starred in many movies with a Boobs theme ! With feature films like Fuck My tits, or Big Boob Orgy, we can see her handling this magnificent chest in a prodigious way.

She does not hesitate to stick a sex between her breasts, whenever possible, for the pleasure of her partners !

#2 Hitomi Tanaka

A pornstar with big boob of Asian origin, does that surprise you ? However, this Japanese pornstar is a real legend in the land of the rising sun, and now around the world. Her indecent breasts have crossed the borders and Hitomi has an extraordinary physique for an Asian woman.

How not to crack in front of this small size (1m 56, 50 kilos), with such imposing breasts ! Moreover, in her many films, we quickly see her partners attacking this chest immediately, as possessed.

Gifted with her mouth and her butt, Hitomi Tanaka knows perfectly how to use her breasts when she wants them to be covered with cum !

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#3 Abigail Mac

With an interesting background that saw her go from waitress to cam girl before her looks caught the attention of the adult film industry, Abigail quickly established herself as one of the most talented porn stars of her generation.

With her opulent breasts, which she has admitted to having reshaped to make them even more massive, she drives her partners crazy in sometimes intense group scenes, where all her orifices are occupied by hard sex.

She has been featured in over 400 films, including some particularly X-rated parodies !

#4 Noelle Easton

If you’re looking for a porn actress with naturally huge breasts, you’ll be delighted to meet Noelle Easton. This delicious 24-year-old American, who could have deserved her place in our selection of American porn actresses, started her career in hardcore porn in 2013.

Since then, she has been shooting a lot of movies, and her big breasts as well as her delicious bubble butt are often the protagonists of very sexy scenes. In parties or between girls, it’s hard to keep your eyes on anything else than these giant balls of fat that bounce under the assaults of porn actors who are having a blast !

#5 Karlee Grey

Karlee, at the age of 24, has the perfect panoply of the pornstar with big boobs. An opulent chest, a pair of ass that we want to devour, well placed forms and a naughty smile that will almost make you believe that she is just a sweet young woman like the others.

But in action, this young American porn star (of Brazilian and Italian origin, which explains her fiery character) is capable of feats. She loves hard sex, and turns in all kinds of scenes: young model employee who sucks her boss, girlfriend with very naughty desires, even violent fuck with a stranger.

No wonder she was nominated for best sex scene, best blowjob or as the most promising new X-actress !

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#6 Maserati

Watch out, you’ve never seen natural boobs this big ! Maserati has a chest that will make Big Boobs lovers fantasize, especially when they learn that it’s 100% natural ! As incredible as it may sound, this 32-year-old Jamaican porn actress has built her reputation on this divine gift, but not only !

If her breasts are often the stars of X movies in which she plays, we must not forget her black ass as imposing as attractive. Maserati plays it wonderfully, in scenes of anal sex where we can see her nipples swinging in all directions. A treat !

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#7 Anastasia Pierce

This pornstar with big boobs comes to us from Switzerland, and she became known with her Cosplay roles. Very quickly, her disguises and her breasts – not foreign to her success – made Anastasia a famous pornstar.

Anastasia is a fetishist and is often seen in hardcore roles, where she is submissive, used, tied up, while men or women play with her sensual body. And when it’s not BDSM that calls her, it’s Milfs roles, which fit her perfectly. Watch her grab penises, suck some or guide others to her ass or vagina… It’s hot !

#8 Angela White

She’s only 18 years old when she starts her career as a porn actress with big boobs ! Angela, a beautiful Australian with deep blue eyes, has a dream body. A chest to make damned the fans of big breasts, a bulging ass that we want to feel, and a long black hair that falls in the back … Impossible to remain unmoved !

Very prolific, Angela turned in more than 160 films, with at the beginning many lesbian scenes and masturbation. Then, as her notoriety increases, she how to show the extent of her talent, turning in more and more hard scenes.

A true Australian legend, she has often been nominated for awards for Superlsut, Best Oral Sex Scene or Most Spectacular Boobs !

#9 Anissa Kate

This 31 years old girl from Lyon represents France in this ranking of porn actress with big boobs. And she is legitimate there, so much her natural 95 D leaves astonished. With her southern origins (Italian and Kabyle), the beautiful brunette has quickly established herself as a top porn actress.

Her beginnings in porn are made in France, but it is when she flies to the United States that she becomes the pornstar that she is today. We like to see her play the French femme fatale, the foreign language teacher or the slut in need of ass, in scenes where she refuses nothing.

It is enough to see her partners moaning with pleasure to understand that Anissa has a natural gift, in addition to her big breasts !

#10 Valentina Nappi

Let’s talk about an Italian pornstar with big boobs ! With a deserved place as her body seems perfect. Her generous big boobs have been a dream for lovers of firm and bouncy breasts for a few years, and her multiple talents in front of the camera would excite even the wisest of us.

A real sex bomb in her natural state, Valentina indulges in the joys of sex in films where she alternately plays the ingenuous young woman, the unfaithful wife or the luxury prostitute, using her adorable breasts and her mouth, which knows how to offer pleasure to men.

#11 Emilia Boshe

Emilia is a German pornstar who likes to play on the clichés from across the Rhine. With her huge boobs, she often dresses up in traditional costume, and uses a strong accent that will excite German speakers.

Her qualities are numerous, especially her talent for Spanish handjobs or for getting cum on her breasts. But with such a big cup size, we can imagine that it is quite natural. If you are looking for a 100% authentic German pornstar with big boobs, Emilia will know how to delight you !

#12 Skyla Novea

If you like tattooed pornstars with big boobs, then here is the one who will be your absolute fantasy: Skyla Novea ! Her atypical course saw her passing by the prostitution in brothel and the naughty Webcam, before exploding in the industry of the X.

With her large boobs, her hair as long as her talents to excite her partners and a love for facial cumming, Skyla Novea is one of the most famous and desirable pornstar with big boobs !

#13 Katie Kaliana

Young Katie is a real sexy beast and it shows in her intense eyes. She loves to wedge cocks between her massive boobs, she admits to loving big black cocks and she screams for more when she is taken, on a bed, sofa or kitchen table.

At 33 years old, she is still as good and continues to offer her sexy body to partners crazy about pleasure !

#14 Victoria June

Victoria June is originally from the Dominican Republic and this is perhaps what gave her this spicy side that made her strength. The young woman, naturally sexy and endowed with a magnificent chest, discovered sex late and she wanted to explore everything. She multiplies the partners and loves it ! It was in June 2017 that she debuted in porn (hence her nickname June), at the age of 25, and she immediately seduced producers and viewers.

The beautiful brunette is a porn actress with large boobs that puts her body to good use, chaining the shootings and hard scenes. We can see her playing the Latina in heat, the student tease, or the submissive to the desires of males who do not hesitate to cover her with their sperm. And given her natural talent, we may see her for a long time to come on the circuit !

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#15 Angel Wicky

Angel Wicky is a Czech porn actress with an absolutely sensational pair of boobs, who started X at only 18 years old. The sexy blonde quickly conquered the producers with her talents and her generous breasts and she went from threesomes to group scenes, Spanish handj obs, blowjobs or anal scenes, where you can see her breasts swinging vigorously.

The beautiful Angel does not hesitate to change her style, going from long blond hair to a very short boyish cut, she is pierced both nipples and will even increase the size of her cup, to go from C to … F ! In addition to being a talented porn actress, she takes on the role of director for some films, which she likes a lot. If we want to see her for a long time as an actress, her reconversion is already done !

#16 Karma RX

Karma RX was born for porn. This gorgeous blonde pornstar with big boobs, who grew up in California, says she has always felt the call of sex. She developed a penchant for exhibitionism and masturbation at an early age, which led her to work as a Cam Girl. She soon realized that her mastery of dildos and orgasms were driving viewers crazy and that she could take it to the next level.

With her big natural boobs, which she soon increases to give them their current roundness, and her curiosity which pushes her to accept all kinds of scenes – deep throat, double penetration, lesbians, facial ejaculation, and so on – we predict her a bright future in this universe of X in which she is like a fish in water.

#17 Ariella Ferrera

Her name may be familiar to you if you like pornstar with big boobs, yet Ariella Ferrera started her career late, at 30 years old in 2009. Born in Colombia, this brunette beauty traded a small and tidy life for the world of porn and she is delighted. With more than 200 films to her credit, a specialization in bondage and countless scenes of the Big tits category, Ariella turns with the greatest and at 43 years old, she is still as hot !

From now on, she mainly plays Milfs or Cougars, very naughty stepmothers, super hot housewives or teasing teachers. She also wears the uniform very well, for the fans !

#18 Brooklyn Chase

Hard to imagine that the sex bomb that is Brooklyn Chase was a very shy and reserved young woman. Once she discovers sex, she decides to bang everything that moves, to face the lack of esteem that she has of herself. And it is naturally that she takes taste there ! At 27 years old, she starts doing X, with a small independent film which will open the doors of the glory to her.

Quickly spotted by the big studios, the pretty brunette quickly became a star, and her breasts – which she had redone – made heads turn. If Brooklyn Chase is not a big fan of cum in the mouth, she loves to be pulled by the hair and willingly accepts to be strangled a little during the fuck. If you like hard porn scenes, big boobs and charming looks, Brooklyn could become your new favorite pornstar with big boobs !

#19 Bridgette B

Do you have a penchant for huge boobs ? Do you also love blonde and provocative pornstar with big boobs ? Let me introduce you to Bridgette B, a now 39 year old Spanish girl who has made her mark on fans. She goes from a stripper job to the world of X directly, without going through the photo or cam boxes like many current actresses. No, the Spanish doll as she is called wants hard, intense sex and the sperm of her partners.

A real legend in Spain, this Barbie in flesh and blood, with her enormous breasts that she has had enlarged, her ability to handle several sexes at once with a disconcerting naturalness and her roles as a slutty stepmother, has been in over 400 scenes. So no matter what fetish you have, she should be able to satisfy your cravings !

#20 Nicole Aniston

This 35 year old Californian has a small frame – 1m60/55kg – coupled with generous breasts that make her lovers happy on screen. They lift her up, share her, cum on her, to the great pleasure of the beautiful blonde. With her Greek and German origins, Nicole Aniston has a crazy charm and when she starts at 23 years in the X, she makes sensation.

After having bigger breasts implanted, she is going to break the mould and sign contracts with the biggest in the industry, to put her mouth, her ass, her hands or her vagina to good use. If her blowjobs seem to be particularly appreciated, fans love her in her parody roles as in the movies Xena XXX or Thomb Rider !

#21 Sheridan Love

Are you a fan of little brunettes with very (very) big tits ? Sheridan Love is the best example with her 1m57 high, for a G cup ! Sheridan started in 2011, at the age of 27, in a porn between girls. She actually specialized in lesbian scenes, as she especially likes to have hands and tongues as soft as their partner’s come to play with her breasts.

If you like straight scenes, a little hotter, know that Sheridan Love has also been tempted by straight porn, with success. If we trust the expression of her partners on screen, she jerks and sucks wonderfully ! 

#22 Kendra Lust

It’s pretty sure that if you’ve explored the world of X, browsed videos and various categories, you already know Kendra Lust. This 45 years old Milfs has played in nearly 200 scenes starting late. Indeed, she filmed her first scenes at 34 years, after a brief passage on the side of the role of Camgirl.

And her natural D-cup, coupled with fiery eyes and a surprisingly firm butt for her age, made her a staple in the industry. Soon, she’s willing to try anything – from orgies to scenes with insults and public fucking – and she wins numerous awards. Her vagina was even used as a model for a sextoy, to the delight of her fans !

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#23 Codi Vore

Codi Vore is a 27 year old American girl with an exceptional body: luscious shapes, an impressive L-cup that makes you want to dive into her breasts and a naughty look that would excite any man on the planet. Everything is natural ! The beautiful blonde decided to get into porn to explore her body and her fantasies and the result on screen is striking.

She loves tenderness and kisses as much as hardcore sex, which includes taboo scenes where she plays the young prudes, massive ejaculations on her breasts, bondage or sex where she dominates her partners by preventing them from cumming with a claimed sadism. The most beautiful in all this? She takes a crazy pleasure to do what she does and it shows on camera !

#24 Patty Michova

This pornstar with big boobs is from Slovakia and she started porn at only 21 years old. She quickly attracted attention, with an innate talent to drive her partners crazy. How to resist to her long black hair, to her small bouncy buttocks and to this pulpy mouth ? She plays as much in naughty scenes where she wears beautiful pieces of lingerie as in fetish porn where she plays with her hands, her feet or her nipples.

Patty Michova is what we call a fuckdoll, who likes to let the men control her. These last ones use her as they want and she lets herself do it, to make them reach super-powerful orgasms. With such a body, we would like to see her more often but she seems to choose her projects carefully, privileging quality over quantity !

#25 Ava Addams

This gorgeous French girl of Italian origin combines Latin sexiness and French sexy chic, with a perfectly balanced body: a pair of massive boobs, very naughty eyes and a smile that she never loses when she is penetrated by her partners. Although she specializes in scenes with girls, she is not a lesbian as she claims to love her partners’ big cocks and likes to receive salvos of sperm on her chest.

We regularly see her in roles of ultra sexy Milfs that fit her perfectly, with an elegance that quickly turns into a sexual outburst. Ava Adams is particularly exciting when she is taken from behind, held by her hair, and screams with pleasure !

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