French pornstars : TOP 25 ultra sexy French pornstars

Among the porn actresses of the moment, some are French. Indeed, France has excellent pornographic French pornstars in its ranks, and this for a very long time… The young French women who have broken through in the porn industry internationally are numerous and they make men fantasize around the world. But what are the French pornstars ? Here are the best and hottest French porn actresses.

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Hottest French Pornstars in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Best French Pornstars ?

#1 Anna Polina

Despite her Russian origins, Anna Polina has lived in France long enough to have her place in this top French pornstars ! In fact, she shot some of her first films under the pseudonym of Léa Delmas, that’s how much you can say. She was part of the Jacquie and Michel actresses.

This pretty brunette with deep eyes and generous breasts (but redone since 2010) is capable of real prowess on screen. She swallows, screams, incites to action the actors and seems to have fun in each of her scenes. No wonder Marc Dorcel spotted her so quickly!

If you like French-Russian charm, then you’ll love Anna Polina.

#2 Nikita Bellucci

As a young retiree from the porn industry, it’s impossible not to mention the gorgeous Nikita Bellucci. With her luscious lips and tattoos, no man would be able to resist her! You might as well take advantage of her prowess, in her French or American movies, since she doesn’t shy away from anything to satisfy the audience.

A real bomb that will be remembered for a long time!

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#3 Claire Castel

Claire Castel is the French charm and the French pornstars as we imagine her : small, brunette, more naughty and mischievous than vulgar, she is as pretty as sexy and knows perfectly how to hold her roles to excite her partners, male or female. She loves doggy style and knows how to play with her little buttocks to make men want to penetrate her. It is necessary to know that the young thirty-year-old is a real libertine, who likes sex in all its forms.

The pornochic suits her very well, so get to know this pornstar from home!

#4 Laly

You know her, but maybe not for the reasons you think… This French pornstars started in reality TV! She is indeed one of the first candidates of Secret Story, the flagship show of TF1. The provocative Laly has come a long way since then, as she plays, directs and produces adult films!

Sexy as she wants, she advocates a pornography accessible to couples and women… Erotic, sexy, or hard, there is something for everyone!

#5 Clara Morgane

She is probably the most famous French pornstars ! From there to say the best, there is only one step that we will let you cross. But even if Clara Morgane is no longer active today, since she retired from the X-rated film sets in 2002, after only 2 years of offering her magnificent breasts, her mouth or her bouncy ass to her boyfriend of the time who was almost her only partner!

A lightning career but unforgettable, for the beautiful Clara who has since reconverted. It is thus with a certain nostalgia that you will be able to find her most hard exploits, on your screens!

#6 Fira Ventura

Here is certainly the most promising French pornstars of the moment. Fira Ventura is a lovely little brunette with a slightly chubby face, of the “France profonde” type. But she knows how to undress with grace and use her hands and mouth to satisfy a man.

Between glamour porn, lesbian X and more rural scenes, her little career is already surprisingly varied. We can’t wait to see her in action with even more experience, as her freshness bodes well for the future!

#7 Liza del Sierra

She is also known as the French Anal Queen. There is no doubt about her qualities and Liza is indeed formidable when it comes to being sodomized. But this is not her only asset! Her luscious plastic on her small body of 1m62 would make any woman jealous… but since it is to satisfy the desires of men -one or several at the same time- that she does that, there is no harm!

Liza Del Sierra is a French pornstars who knows how to do everything, and that’s why we love her!

#8 Jade Laroche

Sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette, she changes her hairstyle as often as she gets penetrated in her movies. Jade started in porn at 19 years old, and except for a short break in her career, she still hasn’t stopped her shootings in France and the United States.

Sexy and big-breasted porn actress, Jade Laroche knows how to ignite an X movie and bewitch her viewers!

#9 Loan Laure

Attention gentlemen, we have here a pearl of mixing: half Vietnamese, half Tunisian, this wonder of nature could be both in our ranking of Asian porn actresses and Arab porn actresses. She broke into the porn world thanks to another legend: Clara Morgane. Like the latter, she has now stopped her career but we couldn’t forget her, because she is an atypical French pornstars, as much by her exotic physical features as by her crazy performances.

She didn’t shoot much, but her performances under the direction of Fred Copula won’t be forgotten. If you like brunettes, beurette or Asian, with strong breasts, you will find it all in this beautiful actress!

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#10 Tiffany Doll

One of the stars of the 2010s, known by all the youngest! Tiffany Doll is the perfect sex doll ready to obey everyone’s desires. In her performances, she seems unstoppable: whether there is one sex, two sexes, three sexes … she grabs them, sucks them, lets herself be penetrated and asks for more. Her body is close to perfection, with just enough shape to have fun, a bouncy ass and a fiery look…

At just thirty years old, the beautiful brunette does not intend to stop in such a good way, and that delights us!

#11 Priscila Sol

Actress known as porn chic, she was spotted by an agent of the company Marc Dorcel while posing nude for a magazine. Since then, she has signed an exclusive contract with them and mainly turns in movies where she plays a chic porn star. By her generous forms and her doe eyes, she was able to conquer the French porn fans.

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#12 Cecilia Vega

She realized her teenage fantasy by starting to shoot X-rated movies. Indeed, Cécilia says to have been very precocious in the matter by watching very young pornographic films. She performs mainly in France but recently, she signed a contract with an American X-ray production company and also shoots on the other side of the Atlantic.

#13 Nina Roberts

She started in porn at first to make ends meet, and she literally took a liking to it! So much the better for the porn addicts because she displays her most beautiful assets of charm for the greatest pleasure of the fans. She doesn’t shy away from any scene and acts like a real hottie in front of the cameras.

#14 Marie Clarence

Marie Clarence is a 32 years old French porn actress, born in Pas-de-Calais, known for her imposing breasts and her roles of MILFs, which made her a star in France but also in the United States. She is gifted for the pipe, particularly skilled in Cowgirl and she does not hesitate to multiply the partners of different colors to vary the pleasures. A bomb of the north as we like them!

#15 Alice Fabr

It’s hard to do more French than this cute little face, this divine body and this intense look, for this pornstar who enchants the fans. She started in 2018, at the age of 20, to perform in atypical scenes where she rewards her benefactors with her body, or in which she shares quantities of sperm with mother-in-law. Naughty as can be, she’s not the most productive but her appearances are a sensation every time!

#16 Natasha Nice

If you’re looking for a luscious and seductive French porn actress, Natasha Nice should be a hit. This pretty brunette is endowed with an opulent chest which she uses wonderfully for Spanish handjobs that drive her partners crazy, but she doesn’t stop at that.

She is also very good with her hands, her mouth, and loves to share the pleasures in interracial scenes of crazy intensity. With over 20 years of experience in porn, she is a sure bet that gets better with time!

#16 Mina Sauvage

This pretty 26 years old girl is from Montpellier and it’s maybe her southern side that gives her this fiery character. With such a nickname, it’s not surprising to see her riding her partners with envy, lighting up all the males around her by playing the high school girl in heat and making them cum as hard as possible by staring into their eyes. A delight, for one of the cutest French actresses in activity!

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#18 Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate is a real porn legend, originally from Lyon, who managed to impose herself in the United States as an essential pornstar. A success that she owes to her acting talents, her generous breasts and a body that offers her a certain resemblance to Kim Kardashian, which delights lovers of curves and bouncy ass. Her specialty? The roles of sissies and some unforgettable gang bang, for an actress who has more than 250 scenes of X to her credit!

#19 Eloa Lombard

The luscious Eloa is half French and half Dutch, and she starts her career as a porn actress at 26 years old, by betting on a pair of naturally huge breast. She will then work with the biggest studios and specialize in anal scenes, participate in Bukkake, gangbang and particularly vigorous interracial scenes. She’s not the prettiest French porn actress but her body and attitude more than make up for it and make her a true muse of France in the porn world.

#20 Cléa Gaultier

Considered by many analysts as the sexiest and the hottest French porn actress in activity, Cléa Gaultier is a real natural sex bomb. A deep and naughty look, a perfectly proportioned body with a nice little round ass, and an ability to sublimate her figure with sexy lingerie, to make the audience completely crazy.

She plays in lesbian porn, in hardcore scenes with one or more partners, and doesn’t seem to shy away from any practice to satisfy her audience. And what to say about her moans when she’s waving on her partners’ genitals… Clearly, she’s an X-actress that we wish to see for a long time on the circuit!

#21 Lola Rêve

Some porn actresses seem to be born to play in X, and it is the case of Lola Rêve. She wears her pseudonym well, since she chooses her films with care, privileges quality over quantity and thus makes her fans dream, who wait impatiently to see her again, each time.

Lola plays the delirious maids marvelously, she practices double fellations with her friends and has fun with their bodies in very naughty lesbian scenes, and she likes to ask for salvos of sperm on the face as soon as she can. With her little angelic body and her pretty blonde hair, it is indeed a dream that will materialize before your eyes!

#22 Julie Valmont

Julie Valmont is a legend of French porn, despite a career started late. She is indeed 33 years old, when she turns her first scene under the cameras. The beautiful redhead, used to the libertine clubs, lets loose completely but she always chooses her scenarios carefully, which explains why we only see her in quality productions.

Her main assets are her two huge breasts, the unfeigned pleasure she takes in front of the camera and her X-rated films which often parody the French films of the moment. If you have a penchant for Milfs, watch out for Julie Valmont!

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#23 Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee is a Parisian of Vietnamese origin, who will enchant all the lovers of Asian girls. Her huge breasts break all the clichés, but her long black hair reminds us where she comes from. Among her main characteristics, the beautiful Sharon is an adept of anal sex and therefore practices sodomy with pleasure in front of the camera.

She multiplies the roles of naughty, femme fatale or nurse who takes care of older men, and if it is rare nowadays, some scenes come out from time to time. Watch for them for guaranteed fun.

#24 Chloe Lacourt

This 28-year-old from Grenoble looks like an angel, but that angelic side disappears quickly when she’s in front of the camera. The little blonde sucks like nobody else, she enjoys playing with several sexes at the same time and no matter which orifice her partner penetrates, she screams with pleasure every time.

For the amateurs of ultra naughty blondes, it is difficult to find a better porn actress than Chloe. Between her roles as an unfaithful woman, her expertise in fetishism and her roles as a teasing daughter-in-law, there is plenty to delight the most curious!

#25 Katsuni

It’s impossible not to mention the incredible Katsuni, who retired after several years of good and loyal services in the X. This French porn actress of Vietnamese origin has done everything in front of the camera and we still remember her exploits that earned her the title of Queen of Anal. As hot as she can be, the beautiful brunette has left a lasting impression and remains an icon of French porn, as Clara Morgane or Nikita Bellucci can be!

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