Best Latina Pornstars: TOP 25 Hottest Latina Pornstars

Discover our ranking of the sexiest Latina pornstar, with this ranking of 25 hot bombs from South America. Often luscious, always wild, a latina porn actress on the screen, it’s the insurance to spend a very hot moment !

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Top 25 Best Latina Pornstars in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Hottest Latina Pornstars ?

#1 Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina is a Brazilian-American latina pornstar, that all the young generation knows and considers as one of the best porn actresses of all genres. It’s hard to contradict this fact, when you see the perfect body of this pretty brunette, her harmonious buttocks and her nice tattoos that make her devilishly sexy.

This gorgeous creature started her career in 2015, at the age of 18, and hasn’t stopped shooting for a single second. She has appeared more than 600 times, in sometimes very hard scenes, where her partners have fun with her. Clearly, she will mark her time !

#2 Autumn Falls

The very sexy Autumn Falls is a wonder of nature, who is among the hottest brunette porn actresses of the moment. This pretty latina is aware of her body and she plays it wonderfully, in soft, naughty and sometimes much harder scenes. Her likes for fellatio is visible when she practices it, and she knows how to handle her breasts with style to make her partners cum.

After 4 years of experience in porn, this latina porn actress continues her exploration of the medium and turns little by little to films always more hard. We can’t wait for the next one !

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#3 Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica Rodriguez is a Latina pornstar from Venezuela, who has a rather thin body, far from the pulpy latinas we often see. Her fiery gaze coupled with her full sexy lips helped her to be quickly spotted but it is especially her innate talents that allowed her to become a very appreciated pornstar.

She started doing porn at the age of 18, out of curiosity and to earn some money, and soon discovered what she likes best: fellatio, rough sex with hair pulling and spanking, and cunnilingus. She has already won several awards for her appearances and we love her as a young naughty girl as well as a Latin devil who takes control !

#4 Ariana Marie

Ariana Marie is a Latina pornstar with a bit of a naughty look, very natural, who is not necessarily predestined to do X. She has always been the wise girl of the house, a relatively classic teenager, and her decision to go into X surprised her parents. But we understand, by seeing her sucking, jerking off, being taken in doggy style in interracial scenes or indulging in double penetration, that the beautiful brunette had a huge potential.

Very cute, with almond eyes and a rather flat ass and small round breasts, she perfectly embodies the teens and the hot girlfriends. At now 29 years old, we start to see her playing the hot moms, which she does very well !

#5 LaSirena69

If her nickname is striking, her body and her natural elegance are even more so. LaSirena69 is indeed a very classy Latina pornstar, born in Venezuela, who quickly understood that her body was a great asset. She went from being a model for erotic photos to porn very quickly and at 32 years old, she has already shot in several hundred very hard scenes.

Her strong points are easily noticeable, with her opulent chest that will enchant the lovers of big breasts, her sexy piercings, severe eyes that she uses when she plays the dominas or a very fleshy ass that reminds us that it is indeed a Latin porn actress as we imagine them!

#6 Luna Star

Luna Star was born in Cuba and she ticks all the boxes of the latina pornstar : breasts with a D-cup, long black hair, an ember look, a luscious mouth that seems destined to welcome penises… she is a 33 years old sex bomb who has been officiating in X for 10 years already.

We could see her playing the young naughty women, the secretaries in heat, the super hot teachers or the Milf in need of sex, with each time the same talent. Among the most outstanding moments, impossible to forget her scenes of double penetration or the blowjobs given to two, with a pornstar colleague !

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#7 Ariella Ferrera

This Colombian beauty started her career late, at 30 years old, after getting tired of leading a flat life. Her opulent breasts have allowed her to fill her filmography with big tits scenes and other Spanish handjobs and to play nymphomaniac teachers, torrid mothers-in-law or unfaithful neighbors.

She has more than 200 films to her credit and at 43 years old, she hasn’t mellowed. Even better, she has become a specialist in BDSM, which will delight fans !

#8 Lela Star

Lela Star is a leading Latina pornstar, who has an amazing size: 1m55 for 48 kg, a C cup, and very sexy tattoos on her body. She shot more than 170 scenes between 2003 and 2011, stopping at almost nothing. For her performances, she obtains moreover, notably that of best Latin pornstar in 2007.

If she withdrew a first time from the circuit in 2011, we saw her come back in 2014 the time of two very hot scenes, which reminded us that she was missing in X. It remains to be seen if this beautiful brunette will make a comeback as a cougar in the coming years.

#9 Desiree Dulce

Desiree Dulce is an American porn actress with Latin origins, a pair of redone breasts and a very naughty side that allows her to break the screen in every appearance. If you’re looking to see a screaming Latina pornstar in action, waving vigorously at her partners and going all out to get her face cummed on, she is a great choice.

The beautiful Latina has dreamy measurements and is especially exciting when she plays in lesbian movies. What elegance !

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#10 Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza Gomez is a latina pornstar who, at the age of 40, still has a body that would drive any man crazy. Of Colombian origin, this divine beauty had her breasts redone to obtain a D cup, which goes wonderfully with her slim hips and her small bouncy ass.

Her career lasted 7 years, from 2009 to 2016, which allowed us to see her in roles as varied as cheating housewife, naughty mom or hungry mother-in-law. And unlike the majority of her compatriots, Esperanza Gomez is a blonde porn actress !

#11 Rose Monroe

For fans of Latin pornstars with generous shapes, there is no need to go further : Rose Monroe has imposing curves, which make her hips, buttocks and breasts very appetizing. This beautiful brunette, originally from Venezuela, started in X in 2011 at the age of 22 and she continues her career with the same desire as when she started.

Given her body, she has specialized in practices that use her natural assets, namely masturbation, anal, double penetrations and interracial scenes. You just have to see her fleshy buttocks bouncing under the assaults of her partners to be conquered !

#12 Alina Belle

Alina Belle is a brunette latina pornstar, originally from Brazil. We know, the girls of the country have the cult of the perfect body and it is not Alina who will deny this fact. With her D cup on a body of 1m55 for 57 kg, difficult to do better, for an actress of 27 years who began at 24 years.

She excels in the roles of little sluts eager for sex and hot daughter-in-law, she loves sex toys and she discovered a passion for anal sex not long ago, for our greatest pleasure.

#13 Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse is one of the best latina pornstars with European origins, which gives her this little different charm, this air at the same time vulgar and attractive, which has certainly influenced her career. She can use it to play the tease and provocative, which she has done wonderfully since 2014.

When she started at the age of 20, she played in lesbian X movies, to quickly move to hardcore. And it was a lot more fun for her ! So it is with joy that you will see her practicing double penetration, deep throat or gangbangs, smiling !

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#14 Mercedes Carrera

This pretty brunette is a Latina pornstar who started her career at 32 years old. Soon, her crazy measurements – 1m72, 66kg, D cup – allowed her to take on Milfs roles that fit her perfectly. She is as hot as she wants to be, and we understand that this career choice is the best one she could have made !

At 40 years old, she continues her career and seems to want to make up for lost time. It shouldn’t be long before we see her in cougar roles, using her long black hair and bouncy butt to satisfy all her young partners.

#15 Victoria June

Victoria June is a famous Latina pornstar, who is among the most famous of the moment. A real superstar in the USA, this Puerto Rican is a real Latin bombshell, who launched herself in X 5 years ago, at the age of 21. An obviousness for her, when she understood that her forms were enough to excite any man.

Basically, she is a dancer, which explains her flexibility and her so fine body, but she quickly developed new talents: fellatio, interracial, bondage… If she continues at this rate, it should not be long before she wants to try even more intense group scenes !

#16 Rebecca Linares

Rebecca Linares is a Latin porn actress from Spain, now 39 years old. But she started in porn in 2005, to turn in more than 400 films. She has gone from roles of small, luscious naughty girls to those of boisterous milfs and no matter what category she is in or what type of scene she takes part in, she excels every time, well helped by a bouncy ass to make amateurs salivate and a very sexy (redone) chest.

This model wears lingerie very well, she manages to oscillate between severity and submission, and she looks absolutely sublime when covered in cum. And it happens a lot !

#17 Bridgette B

Another Spanish porn actress in this ranking of latina pornstar, in the person of Bridgette B. Real phenomenon in her country, the beautiful blonde is as sexy as vulgar, with her airs of decerebrate bimbo which she plays wonderfully. She is a real sex doll in flesh and blood, who has been able to make everyone agree since her debut in 2008.

More than 400 scenes later, this Latin bombshell continues to shake her big boobs and her still firm ass in front of the camera, with the same desire as in her debut.

#18 Daisy Marie

Daisy Marie is a hot, adorable and charming Latina pornstars, who has a very sexy little body. A few tattoos on her back add to her naturally hot side, but it’s when she’s simpering or playing naive that she’s the most talented.

Of Mexican origin, this pretty creature launched out in the X at 18 years, and admits that before that, she had already tested many things with boys and girls. In front of the screen, she understands that she can take pleasure, explore her sexuality and earn money, which is a dream for her. Among its specificities, there is the fact that the beauty remains in the soft/hard, to keep this sensuality which sticks to its image.

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#19 Ella Knox

Ella Knox does porn because she loves it and this is immediately felt when we see her in action. This Latina porn actress has a dream body, with breasts that sway with each penetration, an angelic smile and a mouth that seems to be cut to swallow penises, which she does very well.

She can be seen in more than 50 X-rated movies, where she plays naughty stepsisters, tempting babysitters or big-breasted neighbors with a certain talent. She has everything to become a legendary pornstar !

#20 Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore is 25 years old and we feel in her a seed of future porn icon. It must be said that with her small body and her appetite for fellatio, she started her career on the hoof by showing impressive abilities from the first shoots.

The good thing about a Latina porn actress like Melissa Moore is that she fights to have her art (X) recognized and that she puts all her heart into it. It is likely that if she still gets involved in the years to come, this sexy lady will be one of the pornstars to watch !

#21 Violet Starr

Violet Starr has a natural charm that gives her a rare style: beautiful, classy, smiling, she has the face of an angel and an attractive physique that does not fall into vulgarity. In fact, she always chooses roles that allow her to practice sex in all its forms, but without ever falling into the dirty hard.

This does not mean that she holds back when it comes to making her partners cum ! She’s very good at POV blowjobs, as she sucks while looking you straight in the eye. And she loves anal, which she manages to do with style. She’s a rare gem of X, which we really appreciate.

#22 Julianna Vega

Julianna Vega is a mature woman from Cuba, adept of crazy sex and rather hard scenes, who started in porn at 32 years old. She turned for 7 years to satisfy her desires and explore her body to the maximum.

If she never let herself be tempted by extreme porn, this latina porn actress had a lot of fun playing milfs and cougars trying to stick as close as possible to the latina fantasies of the spectators. And to see her playing with the penises of her partners or shouting with pleasure while riding them, we understand that the pleasure was shared !

#23 Lily Lane

Lily Lane is a devil, with a body covered with tattoos and a look that pushes you to vice. This pretty 32 year old Latin started in porn in 2012 and her 10 years of career have not satiated her. She continues to play the roles of little naughty girls, sluts without restraint, with an innate talent.

Some will tell you that her face is not very graceful, and she knows it, which pushed her to focus on the rest: breasts redone in E-cup, a small firm ass that she took care to model to perfection and an open mind that allows her to play in group scenes, with men or women, without too many limits!

#24 Vicki Chase

Vicki Chase is a Latina pornstar from Mexico with a confusing face. When you see her, you suddenly think that she is an Asian porn actress, with her thin eyes and that small and beautiful body. But no, she is a Latina and this confusion gives her a rare style, able to satisfy the lovers of different ethnicities.

Vicky is also an adept of sodomy, facial cumming and gangbang, which adds spice and interest to her performances. She’s 37 years old and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, which is very good news.

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#25 Abby Lee Brazil

We end this ranking with a sensational latina porn actress, from Brazil, who has been able to put everyone in agreement in a few appearances. Abby Lee Brazil has the physique of a supermodel, the smile of a princess and a radiant face that makes you want to approach her. But once in action, it’s her involvement that amazes and causes a crazy excitement.

This beautiful brunette doesn’t shy away from any practice – blowjob, anal, double penetration, handjob, creampie – and she puts her little angelic body at the service of her partners’ pleasure. A regularity in the hot that we hope to enjoy for a long time.

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