Best Pornstar : TOP 100 of the best and hottest pornstars

You certainly know them, but if you don’t, then get ready to discover the best pornstar of the moment ! Uninhibited stars who offer their dream body to millions of men, in videos hotter than each other.

And now, let’s see who is the hottest pornstar ! Do not forget to have a look at our best porn games as well.

Best pornstar : 100 girls who do not back down from anything !

The world of porn is vast and there are thousands of the hottest pornstar sharing the spotlight! However, we had to make a choice to keep only 100 of them ! The best ones ? It’s up to you to see !

#1 Abbie Cat

abbie cat best pornstar

This Hungarian brunette, almost thirty years old, has already more than 10 years of porn to her credit. A real bombshell with no taboos, she sucks as well as she swallows, and her partners seem to take great pleasure in shooting with her !

We understand them, so much it is difficult to resist to this perfect breast that Abbie exhibits in her films ! Clearly a good reason why she’s in our top 100 best pornstar !

#2 Maria Ozawa
X-rated actress best pornstar maria ozawa

Maria is what we call a Japanese wonder. Fans of Japanese Pornstar will not be able to remain insensitive to her charm and her exotic plastic.

Discovered in the 2000s, the Japanese pornstar has shot dozens of films for Asian companies – many Gonzo, fantasy with monsters and tentacles, interracial scenes – which makes her a true legend of porn in her country and the best Japanese porn actress ! Her scenes makes her the best pornstar for us.

#3 Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa best pornstar

You know her saintly face, with her secretary glasses and her don’t-touch-it look.

Mia Khalifa has established herself as one of the best pornstar and hottest actress of the porn scene. A divine body, a smile that seems absolutely innocent, and stagings in her videos that highlight the contrast between this cute aspect and the hard she practices.

Seeing her use her abundant breasts to make a partner cum is always a great moment. The sexiest Arab porn actress.

#4 Riley Reidbest X actress best pornstar and hottest pornstar

If you like small bouncy asses on slim bodies, then Riley will be to your taste ! Besides, she doesn’t hesitate one bit to share those cute butts in unforgettable anal scenes.

With more than 300 movies to her credit, this little brunette with green eyes has already won many awards in the porn industry, and we quickly understand why after watching her exploits …

#5 Dillion Harper

sexy teen best pornstar

This little bombshell is famous for her natural Teen physique. Indeed, she is one of the few pornstar who didn’t get a breast job !

Her smile and her small body allow her to seduce the spectators, as much as her technical prowess. She knows how to play with her tongue, her mouth and she becomes a real devil as soon as she is penetrated… A model of the kind for the amateurs of small sizes !

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#6 Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate best pornstar and hottest pornstar

Porn star in the USA, she started…. in France ! At the time, it was often to play the roles of sluts, but this Kabyle beauty with very strong breasts and luscious lips is open to everything : gangbang, sodomy, double penetration… She adapts to the demands of the most famous production houses like Brazzers or Private.

#7 Mia MalkovaMia Malkova

A blonde with a perfect ass and a Barbie-like plastic, are you tempted ? Here is Mia Malkova, a small 25 years old pornstar who appears, for a few years already, in many films.

Her flexibility allows her to perform feats and to be taken in all imaginable positions ! This Russian porn actress has won many awards for the Best Oral sex scene… That gives you an idea of the capacity of this beautiful blonde.

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#8 Carolina Sweets

Carolina Sweets

A teen, who started in porn the year 2017. This little brunette with such a desirable body plays with her pretty face, and it works.

We can see her in several Brazzers productions and in quite a few independent videos, which allowed us to discover her. And the least we can say is that we hope she will not stop anytime soon.

Carolina sweets : the best pornstar ? Only the future will tell !

#9 Emily Thorne

Emily Thorne

Does this redheaded porn actress who loves sodomy tempt you ? Then let me introduce you to this pretty Russian girl with a fleshy ass, and breasts enough to allow her partners to play with her without restraint !

A natural beauty, who practices fellatio as an art, and that you can find in many movies since 2016 !

#10 Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle

A legend, and one of the most beautiful blondes we’ve seen in X movies. Her career is punctuated by many awards, as best actress, best fellatio, best group scene…

Just watch a few minutes of any of her appearances to realize how much this body is destined to do porn !

#11 Sasha GreySasha Grey best pornstar

Although retired from porn for a few years, it is impossible to forget Sasha Grey. With her face that oscillates between innocence and arrogant provocation, she makes us want to have sex just by looking at her face. And when we see her body…

With her naturalness, this little American girl did not back away from anything by participating in giant gangbang or very trashy bukkake. Her specialty ? Deep throats, staring at you. For the youngest, she will remain the best pornstar of her generation.

#12 Nikita BellucciNikita Bellucci

The French pornstar Nikita Bellucci is no longer active since last year, but she leaves behind a mark in X.

Her fiery look and her plastic that borders on perfection have made her one of the most appreciated actresses in France. What will seduce you the most about her ? Her tattoos ? Her little bouncy ass ? Her mouth ready to devour you ?

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#13 Nicole AnistonNicole Aniston

She is sometimes considered the most beautiful actress in the porn world. Her deep blue eyes don’t overshadow this body that we like to see in intense doggy style scenes where Nicole uses her voice to let us know she’s having a good time.

If you like blondes, a little bit slutty, then you’ll love her! She is one of the sexiest American porn actresses.

#14 NekaneNekane

The first Spanish porn actress of this ranking is a young actress who started out in porn ! No wonder, seeing this unusual body.

Nekane has an exquisite chest, on a small body. Her lips are full and to see her in action sucking her partners, we understand that she knows how to use them. With her white skin and her natural naughty look, she will excite any male without any doubt !

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#15 Piper Perri

Piper Perri

A very small actress who likes to play with her small body, to be penetrated by partners much bigger and stronger than her. Piper seems to appreciate what is not in her size !

With her childish smile, she nevertheless practices positions reserved for the most experienced women ! Hard to resist her eyes, isn’t it ?

#16 Camille AmoreCamille Amore

A black porn actress for the lovers of bouncy asses ! And Camille knows perfectly how to make this big booty undulate when she is taken by one or more partners.

Those who love shapes will be served, with greedy performances of this young actress full of promise ! How about you check our list of the best Black Pornstar ?

#17 Liza del Sierra

Liza del Sierra best pornstar and hottest pornstar with an amazing ass

Nicknamed the French queen of sodomy, Liza went through all the stages before becoming the star we know: strip tease, escort-girl, then played in many small productions before becoming this icon.

A real woman’s body, firm and fleshy, at the service of the craziest sexual practices. No doubt that Liza del Sierra is certainly the best pornstar that France has known !

#18 Rikki SixRikki Six

Rikki is the pornstar as you imagine her : blonde, big tits, who gets fucked in every situation in her movies while screaming with pleasure. Is this your type ? Then her performances will not leave you unmoved, because she excels in what she does !

#19Karma RX

If you don’t know her yet, it’s time to discover this marvel that nature gave to the porn world. She has everything a best pornstar should have, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see her win the best pornstar award soon !

Look at those eyes, those boobs, that ass… it’s a dream, especially when you see how agile she is with it !

#20 Jai James

Jai James

Appearing in 2017 in a brazzers production, Jai James is what we call a pure black beauty. Her hair and eyes will make you want to ride her, unless she takes control, and climbs on top of you smothering you in her strong chest !

Can’t wait for her next appearances !

#21 Clara MorganeClara Morgan

Although she stayed only two in front of the camera Clara Morgane has marked with its mark the French porn. In 2002 she appeared and shot some super sexy movies in which she showed all her beauty, her taste for sex and her acting talents. She has since turned the page but this former hottest pornstar has remained in the memories of many men. Just see the volume of research on her, she is still in the taste of the day!

#21 Alexis TexasAlexis Texas

She is a legend of porn movies. She made more than 1000 movies and uses all her talents to make her partners cum. A dream body and an assumed taste for hardcore sex. With one or more partners, she will not hesitate to go as far as anal to satisfy her fantasies.

An actress who loves to fuck and make naughty movies for the happiness of all.

#22 Abigail Mac

Abigail Mac

With more than 400 films to her credit, Abigail Mac is a sure thing in the porn world. She started as a camgirl and was quickly spotted in the porn industry.

She has come a long way since then, shooting all kinds of films. She is known for her strong breasts and her talents in all kinds. She excels in group scenes and she has already received many awards for all her scenes of anthology.

#23 Eva BergerEva Berger best pornstar and hottest pornstar

Eva Berger is an actress who has quickly made a name for herself in the world of porn. Skilled and very naughty, she uses her sexy side to attract men in her nets. She is adept of all the naughty and sexy games but also of hards scenes. She has already made many films and is becoming a sure thing in the porn world.

#24 Brandi Love

Brandi Love

Brandi Love is a very popular blonde American MILF. She started her career in 2003, and has been very successful. Since her debut, she has even had a few film acting roles. She is one of the best pornstar who has managed to top many of the sexiest MILF rankings, and has no shortage of clicks on streaming porn sites !

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#25 Anna PolinaAnna Polina

Anna Polina is a Russian pornographic actress and model, who started in the porn industry in 2008. Best foreign performer at the XBIZ Awards in 2012, muse of Marc Dorcel, the beautiful Russian with fiery eyes flabbergasted the males who can only fall for this divine body.

She had her breasts redone in 2010, when she adopted the name of Anna Polina, and continues to perform feats in front of the camera with more than 170 X-rated films to her credit.

#26 Angela White

Angela White

Angela White, one of the hottest pornstar of Australian origin, began her career in X at just 18 years. Carried by a naturally oversized chest, she accumulates films (more than 500 to her credit) and goes from simple masturbation scenes/lesbian scenes to more conventional hetero porn.

Real legend in her country, where she is presented as the most famous pornographic actress of Australia, this beautiful brunette is not satisfied with playing. She directs her own films, via her production company AGW Entertainment, she writes and even does politics !

#27 Kenzie Anne

Kenzie Anne

This gorgeous blonde creature has only been working in porn for 2 years, but her debut in 2020 made a big impression. With her opulent breasts, a waspish waist and a look capable of igniting any man’s desire, Kenzie Anne has a promising career ahead of her.

Originally from California, she represents the US pornstar as we imagine it, with just the right amount of vulgarity and a dream plastic !

#28 Gabbie Carter

Gabbie Carter

Blonde or brunette depending on the period, this American pornographic actress of barely 50 kg became known by posting sexy pictures of her body on Reddit. In a few months, she became a porn star, taking part in all kinds of practices: soft, with masturbation scenes, and much harder, accepting vaginal, anal, double penetration or creampie.

Underneath her wise little girl looks is a real little sex demon !

#29 Blake BlossomBlake Blossom

She is only 22 years old and already, we promise her an insane career in the X industry. It must be said that this American actress, with her German and Norwegian origins, can count on a terribly exciting body.

Naturally imposing breasts, a look of an intense depth, a virgin skin of tattoos and piercing which gives her an aspect of purity… she does not hesitate however to let go in interracial scenes which cut with her mutinous aspect !

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#30 Kendra Lust

Kendra Lust best pornstar and hottest pornstar

More than 10 years of career and she is still there, playing the roles of MILF in heat ! Kendra Lust started by shooting naughty videos from her student room, before launching herself, with success, in the big bath of porn.

It must be said that she is well helped by her generous forms – front and back – and by a hair that will excite the lovers of sexy brunette.

#31 Lily IvyLily Ivy best pornstar and hottest pornstar that love cum on her chest

Lily Ivy is a 26-year-old American pornographic actress who looks like an angel. This little blonde started out as a camgirl before putting her talents at the service of X, with masturbation scenes, greedy fellatio or vaginal penetrations.

The amateurs of small sizes should delight in her movements in front of the camera !

#32 Little Caprice

Little Caprice best pornstar

Little Caprice – real name Markéta Štroblova – is a porn actress from the Czech Republic. After being discovered by the studio Teenharbour, she begins a dazzling career in X, by doing lesbian and hard scenes at a frantic pace.

Real legend of the X has 33 years, she has her own channel of paying content, or the videos but also her naughty photos are posted. Dressed or undressed, Little Caprice remains one of the prettiest X actresses of the sector and she does not seem to age !

#33 Autumn FallsAutumn Falls best pornstar

Discovered on Pornhub, this pretty brunette from New York has a perfect body, natural, that she knows how to use wonderfully with her partners. Small, luscious, she will enchant the lovers of naughty latinas, with her varied outfits and the roles she likes to play.

Note that the young lady has a sextoy molded from her vagina, for the greatest pleasure of her fans.

#34 Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee hottest pornstar

This Englishwoman starts at the age of 20 in porn and with an opulent chest and eyes of a rare blue, she will know a great success.

The pretty brunette does not shy away from anything and will get, among her most prestigious awards, those of star of the year in the interracial category, as well as an award for the best scene of triple penetration in 2011.

#35 Abella DangerAbella Danger

Abella Danger was born in Florida, but it was in California that this luscious brunette would find success as a pornographic actress. Active since 2014, she chains the scenes and has participated so far in more than 900 films.

Her strengths are many, but she marks the minds with very hard practices, which range from fist-fucking to double penetration. Look at this deep look, you will understand that she is made for it!

#36 Gianna Dior

Gianna Dior best pornstar

Gianna Dior is one of those natural beauties who seem destined for a porn career. Everything about her seems to call for sex, from her sensual curves to her adorable little boobs, to her ravishing and naughty smile.

She practices softcore for lesbian scenes, and hardcore with Double Penetration, Anal, or Interracial when shooting with male partners.

#37 Mia Melano

Mia Melano best pornstar

Mia Melano is a true natural beauty, a sort of blonde counterpart to what Sasha Grey was for brunettes. Still not very active – but present on social networks – the young woman has shot intense interracial scenes and offers very naughty photos of her, in various positions.

Whether she chooses to continue in the X or to move towards a career as a naughty model, we predict a bright future for her.

#38 Josephine Jackson

Josephine Jackson

This gorgeous Ukrainian creature debuted as a pornographic actress in 2019 at the age of 24. Her perfect plastic has attracted the eyes of producers and the young woman has not stopped practicing, between naughty photos and scenes of Anal, Double penetration, Creampie or Interracial.

A real beauty, with a well animated Instagram account !

#39 Natalia Starr

Natalia Starr

This American X-rated actress is the little sister of another porn legend, Natasha Starr, with whom she sometimes works. A well-practiced family affair for this pretty, sexy blonde who started out as a camgirl, before turning to porn in 2012.

After 10 years of career, she is still there, providing pleasure to her partners and viewers !

#40 Nicole Doshi

Nicole Doshi

There aren’t many Chinese pornstars out there, and Nicole Doshi reminds us what a shame that is. She is a beautiful brunette, with her luscious lips and her bouncy ass, knows perfectly how to put her body forward when she chooses her outfits.

At only 27 years old, she already has many porn scenes to her credit and shows a particular talent for deep throats or the hardest sodomies.

#41 Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland

This pornographic actress from Salem, Oregon made a name for herself in 2014, performing a public masturbation show in the university library. She will launch her own site – DateBrokeCollegeGirls – and a line of sex toys, and will pose for playboy in 2015.

Very comfortable with her body, Kendra performs well in front of the camera and brings a fresh touch to the world of X.

#42 Tori BlackTori Black

Tori Black is an American porn actress, active since 2009. A real sex bomb, awarded many times, she is a real pornstar known by all, who uses her flexibility and her curves to make her partners crazy.

Belly dancing teacher, she has the perfect body for porn and you can discover her impressive performances in breathtaking DP (deepthroat) scenes !

#43 Dani DanielsDani Daniels best pornstar

This California pornstar started in 2011, focusing on lesbian porn. Gradually, she fleshed out her art, and became a seasoned practitioner in bondage. She has Czech, German and English origins, which gives her a crazy charm, which allows her to seduce the producers of the largest studios in the industry.

During her career, still in progress, she obtained the title of queen of the cunni and despite her preference for female bodies, she demonstrates all her knowledge in straight films with delicious blowjobs and a love of spanking able to excite the fans of the genre.

#44 Gracie GatesGracie Gates

This pretty brunette recently started in porn, in 2021, and her career seems promising. How can you resist this natural body, charming smile and voluptuous breasts, which she puts at the service of her partners’ pleasure.

If she continues like this, she will be one of the pornographic pornstars to follow for the next decade !

#45 Leah GottiLeah Gotti

Half mutinous and half rebellious, Leah Gotti has all the assets to count among the legends of X. Active since 2015, the pretty brunette of 25 years is a model (1m57 for 50 kg) with a divine buttocks.

She wears lingerie wonderfully and seems capable of making men lose their minds as much as women to whom she lavishes terribly exciting oral caresses.

#46 Lucy LiLucy Li

Lucy Li, 27, has been officiating in porn since 2013. Originally from Munich, Germany, this gorgeous brunette has natural shapes that would make any pretty girl lover go crazy. Sometimes submissive, sometimes dominant, she has several strings to her bow and accepts practices that range from simple fellatio to fist fucking or hardcore.

Despite what her nickname suggests, she is Czech and not Asian !

#47 Cléa GaultierCléa Gaultier

This pretty girl from Lyon started as a charming model, before turning to porn in 2016. First with Jacquie et Michel, then under the supervision of Marc Dorcel. Faced with the success met – and deserved given the application she puts to make her partners cum – Cléa Gaultier is now aiming at the American X market, with a filmography that already counts more than 140 films to her credit.

In 2018, she won Actress of the Year for a foreign production, before being awarded for Best Sodomy Scene in 2019.

#48 Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean

This Hungarian pornographic actress is known for her extraordinary measurements, which notably earned her a place in the finals of the Miss Hungary contest in 2006. The following year, at 20 years old, she enters the X sector with success.

She had her breasts done, her lips inflated and her nose redone in 2009 and was nominated in the category of the best European starlets the same year. A bombshell, unnatural but oh so sexy!

#49 Megan Rain

Megan Rain top best pornstar actress

Most porn fans know who Megan Rain is. The pretty brunette, from Palm Springs, California, is only 25 years old but already has a busy career. She will work for Brazzers, Bangbros or even, and will get several prestigious awards, like the one announcing the new porn superstar (in 2017) or the title of best anal model the same year.

Whether you like soft or much harder scenes, Megan Rain will know how to titillate you as it should be.

#50 Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr started her career as a pornographic actress in 2007, when she was 23 years old. Her plastic seems to be made for this industry and the directors are not mistaken, entrusting her with hard roles in which she excels.

In 2022, she enters the AVN Hall Of Fame, which honors the most influential porn actors and actresses in the industry. A distinction more than deserved for an actress who does not shy away from anything to offer pleasure to all.

#51 Sara Jay

Sara Jay

Sara Jay is an American actress who has passed her forties. She now plays the roles of MILF and naughty stepmother, with her body that does not seem to have lost its beauty despite a relatively long career.

With more than 240 porn films to her credit, in 2017 she received the ultimate distinction: a place in the AVN Hall of Fame. If you love sexy moms, Sara Jay is the pornstar you need to follow !

#52 Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz was born in Ukraine but grew up in Canada. At 18 years old, she started in striptease, with a naturally divine body, before choosing the way of X. A true star in the field, from Italy to the USA, she was at the heart of a controversy concerning violence on a film set and became a spokesperson for women’s rights in the sector.

Activist, exceptional performers, she is rewarded several times including the award for the hottest body of the year (2010) or for the best group sex scene between girls in the film Penthouse: Slave for a Night.

#53 Eva Lovia

eva lovia

Born in North Carolina, Eva Lovia has Spanish and Japanese origins. An explosive mix, for a body that borders on perfection: slightly slanted eyes, a round and firm chest of medium size, barely bouncy buttocks that make you want to slap them… she is a 100% natural beauty, who counts 150 films until the end of her career in 2020.

Her vagina was used to create a sextoy, which compensates for her early retirement !

#54 Alina Lopez

Alina Lopez best pornstar and hottest pornstar

Alina Lopez is a Latina, American, who begins her career as a nude model. Very quickly, her outstanding physique and her teasing side make her understand that she has great chances to break through in porn and she launches herself, with success.

Sometimes blond, naturally brunette, she is a pornographic actress who seems to take a lot of pleasure on screen, whether it is by giving sweet blowjobs or by being savagely sodomized…and it is very exciting!

#55 Whitney Westgate

Whitney Westgate

For the past 10 years, this pretty brunette with blue eyes has been delighting porn fans with her frail body that doesn’t prevent her from taking the assaults of male partners. Her simple look can arouse the desire and she knows it, because she plays it frequently.

We appreciate her as much as a cute and naive young woman as a femme fatale, capable of taking control.

#56 Shaiden Rogue

Shaiden Rogue

She is only 21 years old but seems to have a golden future as a pornographic actress. Just look at her body to understand it. Shaiden Rogue, of German origin, gives a certain idea of perfection and her face covered with cum would drive anyone crazy.

One thing is sure, we may talk about this porn angel for a long time !

#57 Riley Anne

Riley Anne best pornstar

A lover of softcore and girl-on-girl scenes, this 21-year-old American porn actress seems to know what she wants. As she explains it, she hopes to realize naughty movies and thus trains herself, by practicing.

If we cross this beautiful blond girl in lesbian movies with cunni and shared masturbation, she’s also very comfortable with fellatio.

#58 Ariana Marie

Ariana Marie

Brunette, tattooed, sexy, this X actress is approaching thirty but she kept the freshness of her young years. Her charm certainly comes from her mixed origins (Irish, German, Belgian and Puerto Rican) but it is indeed by passion that she launched into porn in 2013, with now more than 385 films to her credit.

Among the elements that make her famous, the fact that she has installed many webcams at home so that her fans can admire her in small clothes. A nice hobby, between two X videos of the beautiful brunette !

#59 Kira Perez

Kira Perez

This latina bets on a certain vulgarity to provoke excitement…and it works wonderfully. With an imposing chest, a tongue that she likes to suck on the sexes of her partners and roles of stepdaughters in which she seems to have fun, Kira Perez is made for porn.

If you have a soft spot for incest in your porn searches, you should find your account with this natural bombshell.

#60 Kissa SinsKissa Sins

Kissa Sins, a native of California, is going to get into amateur porn in 2014, shooting X videos from Mexico. It was so successful that she first launched a naughty blog, before starting to work for the giant Brazzers. In 2020, she has more than 340 films to her credit and has been awarded many, many titles.

Clearly, with her dream body, her liking for group sex scenes and an ability to raise the temperature in a few moments with her eyes, her mouth or her hands, she is an actress who will leave a lasting impression on the world of porn.

#61 Samantha Saint

Samantha Saint

Sexy, with her luscious mouth and her body of blonde goddess, Samantha Saint started in porn in 2011, at 24 years. She now has more than 250 films to her credit. Among the anecdotes she likes to recall, that of having lost her virginity at 16 while she was a cheerleader allows her to fuel many fantasies.

With her real Barbie look and the passion she puts into every scene she appears in, this doll has made her mark on the porn industry, which explains the numerous awards she has received.

#62 Lucie Jaid

Lucie Jaid best pornstar

This Australian actress started as a swimsuit model, before exploiting her dream body for other purposes. She decided to redo her chest, to gain a few cups, which allows her to provide absolutely divine Spanish handjobs.

Very open, she enchains the most hard scenes without blinking and takes care to moan, to excite the spectators. At 24, she could have a long career ahead of her.

#63 Asa Akira

Asa Akira

There are names that will resonate in the heads of pornstar fans and that of Asa Akira is definitely part of it. Originally from Japan, she grew up between Tokyo and New York and started as a dominatrix at only 19 years old.

During her long career, still in progress, she specialized in fantasies surrounding Asians, with schoolgirl uniforms, kimono, masseuse or even domina. She is a legend, awarded many times, with more than 700 films to her credit !

#64 Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels

A pornographic actress as we like them, with a natural 90E that has earned her the honors of her peers. Ultra naughty, young Gianna was introduced to the adult entertainment scene with naughty pictures, before getting into porn in 2004, at 21 years old.

What made her success, in addition to her forms ? Her spitting on the penises of her partners and the apparent pleasure she takes to be penetrated in front of the camera ! A real naughty girl, for a career ended in 2015 that left traces in the field.

#65 Shae Summers

Shae Summers

Adult model and porn star, Shae Summers spent 5 years in the porn industry, from 2013 to 2017. She owes her success to her naturally naughty curves, her ability to play cute and compliant young girls and particularly intense solo masturbation scenes.

A little gem in the industry, which earns her many admirers.

#66 Foxy Di

Foxy Di

Foxy Di is one of those girls naturally destined for a career as a pornographic actress. This Russian beauty, who started in porn at 19, has all the assets of a star and her flamboyant success confirms that.

Cute when she plays the naughty girlfriend, greedy when she swallows with envy the cum of her partners, she is a little angel, whose small breasts and small ass could make crazy of desire any amateur of young lady with a fragile body.

#67 Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean

This young American pornographic actress takes her nickname from the character of Elsa from the Snow Queen and there is indeed a resemblance between the Disney icon and this beautiful blonde with sparkling eyes. But the comparison stops there !

Because underneath her mutinous looks, Elsa Jean, who started porn at 19 and won various titles (Best New Starlet, Cutest Debutante, Performer of the Year, etc.) hides a little sex beast capable of anything. Choose a video at random and you might be surprised by her abilities !

#68 Scarlett Jones

Scarlett Jones

This pretty redhead from the UK has been active in porn since 2017. A recent career, but already rich in sex scenes of all forms, which allow her to have a large community of followers.

Redheaded pornstar are not legion and Scarlett Jones is among the hottest. Notice to fans !

#69 Viola Bailey

viola bailey

Originally from Latvia, Viola Bailey uses her breasts and her mouth like nobody else, to get splashed with cum in beautiful X movies. A petite blonde, comfortable with vaginal and anal penetration, who has developed a specialization in bondage over the course of her career.

Young retiree – she stopped in 2017 – , her hard videos have not taken a wrinkle !

#70 Hazel Moore

Hazel Moore

She is only 21 years old, only 2 years of experience in porn, but could become a renowned pornographic actress in the near future. You just have to be taken in by her smile and her little body, then imagine her in action, to understand it.

Her specialty ? Interracial sex with black or Asian men !

#71 Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette best pornstar actress milf

This Norwegian has the particularity to have started very late in the porn, at the age of 38 years ! What to ensure roles of luscious MILF in which she excels.

With her colossal breasts, a mouth that seems to be designed for fellatio and a welcoming backside, she is a UFO of the porn industry that proves that when the talent is there, there is no age to try the X adventure !

#72 Nikki Delano

Nikki Delano

At 36 years old, Nikki Delano is still active and delights lovers of luscious bodies, generous shapes and beautiful buttocks. She has been awarded several times for her extraordinary ass !

Her Colombian, Italian and Puerto Rican origins give her this little sparkling side, which she exploits wonderfully on screen.

You want more ? Check the hottest Italian pornstar !

#73 Alex Grey

Alex Grey

If she was born in the United States, Alex Grey is of Russian and Spanish origin. She began as a Camgirl before switching to porn, to the delight of lovers of beautiful blondes. She will quickly chain the collaboration with the biggest stars of the sector, relying on her natural talent for X.

Those who love blonde pornstars know that Alex Grey represents a certain idea of perfection. Prude, naughty, wild, she knows how to play everything and her career is only at its beginnings ! She might just be the best pornstar on the list.

#74 Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade

Known for her sublime lesbian performances, Katrina Jade, American pornographic actress, began in the X at 23 years. Since then, she’s had one success after another, and in fact, she was awarded the coveted title of Performer of the Year 2017.

And if you wonder where this exceptional body and this demon look comes from, know that the pretty brunette has Native American, German, Dutch, Hawaiian, Italian and Irish origins. Add to that piercings and tattoos and you get an unforgettable pornstar.

#75 Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross

American pornographic actress and director, this pretty 36 years old blonde has about 40 X movies to her credit. She won the title of Best American X-actress at the 2009 Golden Hot and her husband is none other than the famous French hardcore Manuel Ferrara.

In addition to offering phenomenal performances with all parts of her body, Kayden is a fervent activist for the X industry.

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#76 Ella Hughes

Ella Hughes best pornstar

Another redheaded beauty from England, who has made a name for herself in the porn industry by making great hardcore, BDSM and Fetish videos. Don’t trust her angelic smile, because underneath it hides a real devil ! That’s why we think she’s one of the best pornstar ever !

Whether it is on her naughty and soft photos, or in scenes of double penetrations very hard, the joy Ella will not leave you indifferent.

#77 Lexi Lore

Lexi Lore hottest pornstar

This 23 years old American pornographic actress knows how to play with her small body (1m65 for 45 kg) to make her partners lose their mind. In scenes of fellatio in POV, massive sex rides or even very naughty daughter-in-law roles, she excels and manages to break the screen at each appearance.

If she continues to perform like this, her career may be as long as the penises she accepts inside her.

#78 Scarlett Hampton

Scarlett Hampton hottest pornstar

One more blonde, who has just entered the world of porn. At 22, this pretty American has a future ahead of her and her naturally hot body should guarantee her a golden future.

We love it when she’s caught in lingerie, because her little ass molded in a pretty thong is to die for. And despite a mouth that seems very small, her ability to swallow the penises of her partners is amazing !

#79 Eva Elfie

eva elfie bestpornstar

This beautiful 21 year old Russian girl, blonde, frail and with a small natural breast, seems so wise when you see her at first sight. But once on screen, she lets loose, for scenes more daring than the others.

She really has the physique of the job and we predict her a career as a radiant pornographic actress.

#80 Agatha Vega

Agatha Vega hottest pornstar

Here is one of the few representatives of Venezuela and to see her, we say to ourselves that it is a pity not to have more ! This little light brown beauty, pierced and tattooed, is a hot Latina, whose only look will be enough to put you in trance.

She doesn’t like to wear underwear and is very good in strip tease, double blowjob and interracial scenes.

#81 Aidra Fox

aidra fox best pornstar

This beautiful American is a pornographic actress since 2014 (she was then 18 years old) and she owes her superb plastic to her Czech and Polish origins. Very focused on sex, she became known for this passion that she puts to make her partners cum.

From lesbian porn to solo scenes, through hardcore group sex, Aidra does not shy away from anything and her latest specialty is the Bukkake !

#82 Jynx Maze

jynx maze hottest pornstar

Specialized in hot webcam, Jynx Maze also appears in porn movies where she practices almost everything. She officiates since 2010 and has been awarded prestigious titles like best double penetration scene in 2012 or best anal sex scene the same year.

Yes, she likes to play with her ass, bouncy and fleshy, which is surely a legacy of her Peruvian roots.

#83 Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee hottest pornstar

Sharon is a French pornstar of Vietnamese origin, with a luscious body that made her famous. Endowed with a generous natural breast, which is rare for a Vietnamese, she knew how to put it into action in scenes more naughty than the others.

With erotic shows and more X online and sometimes torrid scenes, the pretty Sharon knows perfectly how to raise the temperature !

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#84 Emily Willis

Emily Willis hottest pornstar

If you don’t know Emily Lewis yet, you might fall in love with her immediately. This gorgeous brunette from California started out with nude photos, before moving into the porn industry. With a body like that, it seems like a no-brainer !

You’ll see her in wild group scenes, cute teen roles and you can even buy a sextoy molded to her vagina.

#85 Jia Lissa

Jia Lissa best pornstar

Here’s another redheaded porn actress, but this time she’s not from the U.K. Jia is Russian, and she has an exceptional, all-natural body. With her angelic face, sometimes stained with cum and her little ass that she undulates wonderfully, she has an undeniable talent.

In 2020, she won the AVN award for best group sex scene in a foreign film.

#86 Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel hottest pornstar

Attention goth, emo and rebellious girl fans: Joanna Angel is the pornstar for you. At 41 years old, she is still as hot as ever, and she has a busy career with more than 115 films to her credit.

She plays in the Alt Porn category, mixing hard porn and subculture like punk or cyber culture. Geeks and other otaku are likely to fall for her at first sight !

#87 Madi Meadows

Madi Meadows best pornstar

If you fantasize about the tall brunettes from California, Madi Meadows is the perfect example. 1m70 of well drawn curves, a naturally round and firm chest, a glance of ember… she possesses in more a very naughty glance which makes crazy those to whom it is addressed.

Madi likes bondage, masturbating and making men cum with her tongue.

#88 Eve Sweet

eve sweet best pornstar

This tiny Spanish girl with her athletic body is 27 years old but she looks much younger. That’s the reason why she has fun playing young girls, in very naughty videos ! With cute schoolgirl outfits, or very sexy lingerie, she knows how to do it.

For the bondage fans, the pretty Eve Sweet also seems to love to be tied up…!

#89 Lola Myluv

Lola Myluv best pornstar

It is customary to say that some of the most beautiful pornographic actresses come to us from Eastern countries, and Lola Myluv comes to confirm this adage. This 36 year old blonde from the Czech Republic started in porn at the age of 19 and her skills are evident in her images.

A real sex bomb, as good at making men cum as she is at giving noisy orgasms to her female partners. Clearly one of the best pornstar !

#90 Diamond Kitty

diamond kitty best pornstar

Diamond Kitty is what we call a well trained woman. Her body, maintained every day by yoga and intensive sports sessions, allows her to perform feats, with one, two or more partners. She loves to be covered in male semen and her longevity in the business – already 15 years in the business – proves that she knows how to deliver pleasure.

If you like curvy brunettes, go for it !

#91 Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik best pornstar

Adriana Chechik started out as a stripper with becoming a pornographic actress in 2013, at the age of 23. She is the rising star of the medium, with over 700 realizations to her credit and a wide range of roles she accepts to take on.

Gangbang, triple penetration, bondage… She does not shy away from anything. And to say that before launching out in the X, she had had only one partner of sex !

#92 Diana Grace

diana grace best pornstar

As beautiful as an angel, this blonde born in 1993 has always loved to show herself, and she went from naughty photo shoots to X-rated movies in a quite natural way. She has collaborated with some of the best pornstar and the best directors, who appreciate her willingness to explore new horizons whenever possible.

She is known for losing her anal virginity on screen, in a scene with Marcus Dupree.

#93 Gina Valentina

gina valentine best pornstar

Gina Valentina is to porn what Britney Spears is to pop: the muse of a generation and an absolute fantasy ! This Brazilian-American brunette seems almost too good to be true and she quickly understood that she could play with that, in the world of porn that she entered at 18.

In just 5 years, she has shot more than 500 X scenes, usually with roles as a Teen, a student or a super naughty neighbor. She will remain, for sure, as one of the best pornstar of the decade.

#94 Cassie del Isla

Cassie del Isla best pornstar

This French girl with a perfectly sculpted body started in 2016, with online videos, before being spotted by big producers. Famous for her tribal back tattoo and natural elegance, she loves to go wild on her partners’ sexes.

A true natural beauty with slightly golden skin, which gives her this exotic and spicy side that suits her perfectly.

#95 Carter Cruise

carter cruise best pornstar

Carter Cruise’s background is quite atypical, since she started as a waitress at Hooters, a fast food chain where the waitresses work with a uniform…very sparse. She understood that her body was an asset and therefore pursued her dream of becoming a pornographic actress.

This beautiful blonde, bisexual, has done everything in porn but she only shoots lesbian scenes since 2015. She has actually been awarded for several of them !

#96 Kimmy Granger

kimmy granger best pornstar

Kimmy Granger is one of the best pornstar of the last few years and it’s not a coincidence: her divine little body allows her to take on roles of teenage girls or a very naughty stepdaughter and she knows perfectly how to play her mutinous air to excite the males around her.

As for her nickname, it comes from the person of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, whose main actress (Emma Watson) is the fantasy of a whole generation. Everything is related !

#97 Eliza Ibarra

eliza ibarra best pornstar

Eliza Ibarra seems almost too cute for porn and she knows it, which makes it easy for her to play it up. She turns up the heat simply by stripping off her clothes, before turning into a real sex beast when her partners penetrate her.

This is a California pornographic actress, who debuted in 2018. There is a good chance that she will persist in X, given her talents !

#98 Krystal Boyd

krystal boyd best pornstar

If you love porn, you’re probably familiar with the angelic face and oh-so-sexy body of Krystal Boyd. This Russian pornographic actress has been working in the industry for 11 years now and she doesn’t intend to stop there, we think she has a very good chance of being the best pornstar ever !

Her talents are multiple, since she is equally at ease with scenes between girls, group sex or sodomy. In addition, it should be noted that her body is 100% natural, which gives her an increased charm.

#99 Jezabel Vessir

Jezabel Vessir best pornstar

At 32 years old, this black beauty can take on the roles of young naughty women as well as those of femme fatales, in which she excels. Naturally luscious, she uses her mouth and her strong breasts with such relish that her partners quickly lose their minds. Is she the best pornstar ? You tell us !

If she likes sex for 2, Jezabel Vessir never backs down from a good gangbang !

#100 Blaire Ivory

blaire ivory best pornstar

Some girls are sometimes said to be too cute or too delicate for porn: this is the case for Blaire Ivory, who is among the prettiest young women in the industry. Entering the porn industry at 18, she stands out through two elements: her height – she is 1.83 m – and her tiny weight of 53 kg. A very frail body, which supports rather well the assaults of her partners.

Real X star of the new generation, she should not leave anyone indifferent !

What do you think of this ranking ? For you, who is the best pornstar ? Tell us everything!

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