Best American Pornstar : TOP 25 Hottest Porn stars From USA

American pornstar is one thing America can boast about ! And their pornstar are among the most professional in the business, as you will discover in this ranking of the best American porn actress. The American mix allows to find in this ranking women very different from each other, but with a major common point: they excel in the practice of sex !

You want some more ? How about the list of the best pornstar ?

Top 25 Best American Pornstars in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Hottest American Pornstars ?

#1 Sasha Grey

Can we make a ranking of American pornstar without talking about Sasha Grey ? No, it’s impossible, because the pretty brunette with 100% natural shapes has brought a wind of change in the world of X, during her short career, 4 years, during which she experienced everything: GangBang, Bukkake, Bondage, but also more classic roles in which she plays young women who love sex.

We have made a ranking of pornographic actresses, and she is obviously in good place ! Sasha Grey will remain a true legend of porn and can be the most outstanding American pornstar of the 2000s !

#2 Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is a half-American, half-Lebanese pornstar, famous for her beautiful breasts and for her provocations in front of the camera. She does not hesitate to play the naughty nun, to the great displeasure of her detractors. You can also find her in our ranking of Arab porn actresses.

But how to resist to this mixed body and to the use of it ! Mia doesn’t shy away from any practice and this since her beginnings. She sucks with an undisguised desire, likes to initiate her girlfriends to unbridled sexual games, between girls or with several male partners, and it is not surprising to learn that she was for a long time the most sought after porn actress on Pornhub !

If she ended her career in 2015, her numerous X-rated videos continue to offer us a lot of fun !

#3 Nicole Aniston

Present in our selection of the hottest blonde pornstar of X, Nicole is one of the most beautiful women in porn ! With her long blonde hair and a deliciously bulging ass, she is set to have a sensational career in the world of adult films.

This American pornstar is only 23 years old and already has an impressive number of videos to her credit. A lot of lesbian porn, because she is openly gay, but also sex with lucky partners. And her roles of naughty little neighbors or private teacher suit her perfectly !

How to resist her wiggling on her partners’ sex, who scream with pleasure !

#4 Alexis Texas

With her name that smells good America, Alexis Texas is another blonde, who counts among the most rated American pornstar ! Her assets ? A dream body, bouncy buttocks and a boldness that makes her refuse no practice !

With more than 1000 films to her credit and awards galore, including those for the best group sex scenes, or performer of the year in 2009, she is a legend of the X across the Atlantic. Among her particularities, she has never made an X movie with… a black partner ! If you are a fan, find our ranking of the best black pornstar.

Discover quickly this exceptional American pornstar !

#5 Victoria June

Have you ever seen a she-devil in action ? Then we present you this ultra-sexy latina, answering to the sweet name of Victoria June. With a bulging ass, worthy heritage of her Puerto Rican lineage, and her luscious lips that seem destined to give great blowjobs, she had everything to integrate the porn world !

And whether it’s when she sucks greedily, when she’s taken in all imaginable positions while screaming with pleasure or when she shows off her talents to multiple partners at the same time, we take great pleasure in seeing her, scene after scene, play the naive little girl or the cruel mistress ! A Bomb !

#6 Kenna James

Under her little mischievous look of young blond girl (she is 23 years old !) hides a very greedy American pornstar. She seems to love to offer her beautiful body to all the men she crosses the road !

In just 4 years in the porn industry, she has already shot more than 140 movies and she doesn’t seem ready to stop quickly. The more she plays, the more she manages to provoke pleasure in her partners or in those who watch her via a screen. She smiles often, laughs, and likes to be fucked in a good mood.

Whether she plays a lesbian in search of discovery or a very horny girlfriend, she magnifies every sex scene ! A refreshing X actress !

#7 Asa Akira

So yes, Asa Akira and her Japanese sounding name can mislead you, but she is really American, from Japanese parents. So it’s not surprising to find her here but also in this selection of the best Japanese pornstar !

She is one of the most appreciated pornstars in the world, and we understand very quickly why. Her Asian appearance will delight the amateurs, but she has neither the shyness nor the restraint of her oriental colleagues. She is a femme fatale, who likes to play with men. In SM dungeons where she submits, or when she decides to punish her partners, she makes every X scene even more exciting !

And what about her roles as a Japanese girl, in which she does double penetrations and facial cumming… !

#8 Dani Daniels

Dani is less than thirty years old and it’s already 8 years that she performs in front of the cameras of the most famous porn directors. Initially confined to porn between girls, she will gradually make enjoy her body to many male partners !

She is nicknamed the Queen of cunni, to the great pleasure of her fellow porn actresses. But her talents with men are not outdone, and she plays very well the secretary in search of a raise, the too sexy prisoner or the barely married woman who already goes elsewhere.

A very sexy woman, with perfectly assumed desires and a look that calls for sex !

#9 Jill Kassidy

This 21 years old American pornstar will surely have a rich career ! She is the perfect prototype of the little American slut, that we see in the roles of cheerleader or sexy high school girl in Hollywood movies. And these are roles that suit her perfectly in porn !

She sometimes plays on her eroticism and her natural sensuality to make the X-rated movies in which she plays particularly sexy. But once she’s naked, her look changes and she turns into a sex beast, grabbing all the dicks around her !

We love to see her share some of the ass scenes with other porn actresses, as she often does, or moan with pleasure when she gets sodomized !

#10 Karma RX

The young Karma RX, is one of the best American pornstar. Whether it’s thanks to her divine blue eyes, her perfect breasts or her mouth that makes you want to stick something else in it than your tongue, she breathes X in her mouth.

This brunette (if you like brunettes, this ranking of Italian pornstar is for you !) seduces the spectator from the first glances, and the continuation will be only better. Agile with her hands as well as her tongue, she makes her partners cum, alone or in group, with all the parts of her body. A goddess as only the United States know how to do !

#11 Alexis Fawx

She was 35 years old when she embraced the career of a pornstar. Her huge breasts and her luscious mouth make her a mature actress that producers are looking for.

Recently awarded an AVN Award as Mature Actress of the Year, Alexis has many more years ahead of her in the world of porn. Her generous curves will still make many dream, for sure.

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#12 Cherie De Ville

Sportswoman and physiotherapist of formation, it is by chance that she is going to fall in the world of the porn by beginning to pose for an erotic photographer. Then, she started to work as a charm model and later on, she started to work in pornographic movies.

Rather ambitious in every way, Cherie even goes so far as to apply for the presidential elections alongside the singer Coolio in 2017. She will not go any further and will continue her successful career in the world of pornography. Her charming assets make her a rather coveted actress in the field.

#13 Kendra Lust

Of Italian origin, Kendra was born in Michigan where she grew up. Stripper at the beginning, she also played for amateur videos to pay her studies. She never left the world of eroticism because she continued to pose for charm magazines.

It is only at the age of 35 that she decides to launch herself in porn when she is noticed by a producer who will make her know the glory. Awarded many times for her acting talents in the category X Mature, she continues on its momentum by aligning the success.

#14 Riley Reid

Riley Read is a 31 year old American pornstar, who started at only 19 years old. For many followers, she is one of the biggest stars if not the biggest pornstar today. With her small natural body, she takes the opportunity to play the sex-starved stepdaughter, the naughty stepsister or the tease, and she does it wonderfully.

Her naughty look will not leave you indifferent, especially when she performs greedy blowjobs, and it is necessary to see her being taken by several men, with much bigger sizes than hers, to take the measure of her talent. A real angel of porn !

#15 Audrey Bitoni

Fans of big-breasted porn actresses are in for a treat with Audrey Bitoni, a 36-year-old actress who has always wanted to do porn. Her luscious figure has made her a staple on the sets, shooting scenes where she plays alternately sexy teachers, horny moms or even femme fatales ready to crush her partners.

Legend has it that the actress has never had an orgasm, neither on a set nor in real life. A shame, when you see those she gives to others !

#16 Emily Willis

Beware, here is the rising star among the American pornstars, and one of the sexiest X actresses in the world: Emily Willis. This beautiful brunette of 23 years has absolutely everything to succeed in a long career: a divine body, small natural breasts to crunch, a charming look, and a will to try everything. She oscillates between girl-on-girl scenes and hardcore scenes, and she seems to have a fetish for facial cumming.

It is necessary to know that this little sex bomb is a famous instagrammer, who makes her followers boil with desire, and that she announced that she wants to put her talents at the service of X as long as possible. So much the better !

#17 Tori Black

Tori Black is a legendary American pornstar, a superstar in the US that goes beyond the X industry, and definitely one of the most talented actresses of her generation. A multiple award winner, she has appeared in over 350 films, doing just about everything possible in porn.

Between her parodies of successful films where she plays superheroines, her anal scenes of a crazy intensity or her interracial films where she is shared by several massive blacks, she is an X star who will forever remain an icon for many fans.

#18 Aaliyah Hadid

Aaliyah Hadid is a charming, sexy and particularly naughty half-breed, who started in porn at only 21 years old. She has been working in the industry for more than 5 years and has already shot more than 50 scenes, some of them very hard, including vigorous gangbangs and anal scenes particularly suited to her bouncy ass.

You may know her with very short blond hair, which contrasts with her current long brown and curly hair, but it is indeed the same hard sex lover !

#19 Natalia Starr

Originally from Poland but moved to America, Natalia is a buxom blonde who fits perfectly with the image you have of Eastern girls. Tall, slim, sexy, with a blue look of infinite depth, she is considered one of the most beautiful porn actresses in the world. She prefers to avoid scenes that are too raw, but she loves cum, which she takes pleasure in spreading on her face as soon as possible, which suits her very well. She also likes a lot the lesbian scenes, where she seems to take a great pleasure to play with the body of her partner.

Natalia Starr is not yet 30 years old and she already seduces the amateurs of sexy blonde, with her airs of models and her minauderies.

#20 Mia Malkova

Let’s stay in the register of sexy blondes with Mia Malkova, who celebrates her 30th birthday in 2022. She has a 100% natural body, which seems unreal as her curves are so perfect: a well rounded ass, a luscious mouth, perfectly proportioned breasts, and even a seemingly divine vagina that has been adapted into sex toys !

Mia plays both naughty neighbors and Milfs in heat, group scenes in which she ends up covered in cum, or teases ready to make her partners crack, which she does wonderfully !

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#21 Kayla West

With her airs of prudish housewife or math teacher, she hides her game well. But don’t be fooled by this face full of sweetness, because Kayla West, 33 years old, is extremely naughty and endowed with a small body that she controls perfectly.

She specializes in X scenes of unfaithful women, plays the expert moms who train younger partners and sometimes totally lets loose, screaming with pleasure when her partner grabs her by the hair to fuck her relentlessly. A bombshell, of which one does not get tired.

#22 Kimmy Granger

Kimmy Granger has gone from being a little ignored by her peers to an ultra sexy pornstar at the center of attention, which is not to her liking. She is famous for her body that makes her look younger than she is (27 years old) and for her resemblance to Hermione in Harry Potter, from which she gets her nickname.

Very followed and appreciated by her fans, Kimmy plays perfectly the roles of young and reserved naughty girls, but she also knows very well how to heat up the men around her until they penetrate her with vigor, as she likes it !

#23 Brandi Love

Here is an American pornstar who marked a whole generation of X lovers. Brandi Love is approaching 50 years old but her activity remains marked by roles of Milfs, Cougars or interpretation of famous characters of series in parodies as hard as exciting.

She has kept, over the years, an incredible body with breasts that seem to have been created for the Spanish wank. And her smile, in full act, reminds you that she loves what she does !

If you like big breasts, you’ll like our list of Pornstar with big boobs.

#24 Abella Danger

Abella Danger wears her nickname well, because she is dangerous ! A real man-eater in front of the camera, this gorgeous luscious brunette plays on her teasing side and unleashes herself in scenes each one more hard than the next. She has made more than 100 films in just 8 years of career and intends to continue her sparkling career. At 27, she still has time to impress us !

Apart from lesbian scenes where she excels, she is famous for her interracial films and her ability to change from blonde to brown to seduce everyone.

#25 Adriana Chechik

We finish this ranking with an absolutely beautiful pornstar, Adriana Chechik, known to be a nerd what denotes in the environment. The beautiful brunette has however the allure of the porn actress and after having officiated as a stripper, she launches into X and obtains a resounding success. With such a body, it is not surprising that she manages to put any spectator in a trance !

In 10 years of career, she got more than 50 nominations and prizes and she is famous for her performances in double anal and triple anal, which she finds particularly pleasant. It’s hard to know what’s the hottest thing about this American porn actress: her opulent breasts ? Her mouth with pipe ? Her intense look ? It doesn’t matter, she’s a sex bomb who will leave her mark on the industry !

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