Tallest Pornstars : TOP 25 Sexiest Tall Porn Stars

Whatever your type of woman is, it’s safe to say that you can find videos of it online. You like big boobs ? You like thick ass ? You like red hair ? But what about tall girls ? They are kind of niche, but you would be surprised to know how many tall porn stars there are in the industry. That’s why we found the 25 sexiest and tallest pornstars just for you to enjoy !

So if you like big and tall women, this list was made just for you. Those tall porn stars are not only beautiful and sexy, but their tallness makes them look like wild amazons that are ready for the ride of their life…

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Top 25 Tallest Pornstars in Pictures And Videos

Who Are The Tallest Pornstars ?

#1 Rocky Emerson – 190cm

Let’s start our list of the tallest pornstars with Rocky Emerson ! She has several characteristics that distinguish her as a distinctive and hot pornstar, one of which is that she is a highly tattooed pornstar. The other thing is that she is quite tall ! She is the tallest female porn performer in the business, at around 190 cms (around 6 foot 3). Her long legs seem to go on forever, and her youthful beauty, delicate form, and stunning eyes do nothing but arouse us. Rocky is a true porn pro who enjoys using her size to dominate men.

#2 Ava Koxxx – 190cm

Ava Koxxx is a British actress who began her career as a model before landing her first job in the adult entertainment industry in 2010. Her incredible features and insane figure made her renowned in the X business, but her charm and confidence on TV while being railed by many guys pushed her to icon status.

But what makes Ava Koxx stand out is her height of 190 cm (6ft2), making her one of the tallest pornstars in the industry.

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#3 Danica James – 188cm

Danica James is one of the industry’s hottest and tallest pornstars. She’s a tall and gorgeous American female that stands about 190cm tall! She hasn’t been extremely active since her first foray into the porn industry, but she has done enough films to demonstrate how amazing and gorgeous she is on-screen. Her long legs will make you insane, and she’s really skilled at making use of her height to be attractive.

#4 Kitty Jane – 185cm

Kitty Jane is one of the world’s tallest pornstars! Kitty Jane is taller than most of her on-screen counterparts, standing at 185cm. But she isn’t afraid to play the meek and innocent girl that loves to suck cocks by the dozen. Her long legs are a sight to behold, and her ass is breathtaking, especially when she moans and urges you to cover it in hot semen.

She remained active for a few years before retiring; she believed she had accomplished everything she desired in the porn industry and saw no reason to continue. She left us with a really large library of porn videos for our enjoyment. And look at those legs! We just can’t get over it.

#5 Blaire Ivory – 185cm

Blaire Ivory has been one of the tallest pornstars since her major debut at the age of 18. Her lovely appearance is really a mask she wears to lure guys and men into her arms. Her stunning physique will harden you faster than you can imagine, especially when you take a good look at her magnificent legs. She became well-known for her ability to deepthroat while groaning. One-of-a-kind actress who continues to create pornography to this day! You love to see it.

#6 Nikki Eliot – 185cm

Nikki Eliot is the first amateur on our list! She films herself while playing with her pussy and the toys she enjoys inserting in her butt and vagina. But every now and then, she’ll bring other men or women into her bed, where she’ll have sex with them until they come bucket on her face and add and legs !

She’s a fucking hot porn performer, and we like a queen that creates her own material. Nikki Eliot is an actor to keep an eye on because she has a bright future. I mean, she’s got long legs…

#7 Elena Koshka – 183cm

Elena Koshka was born in Ukraine and began working in the adult entertainment industry in the early 2010s. She rapidly became well-known for her incredible performances and flexible porn abilities, which enabled her to thrive while she get fucked from behind. Her towering legs are a sight to behold, and when she utilizes them to make men come, you can see how great of pornstar she is.

She is still making porn videos to this day, and we can’t get enough of her lovely legs!

#8 Zoey Paige – 183cm

From Oregon, USA, Zoey Paige is one of the tallest pornstars! Her sexy body will make you plead for mercy as she rides you and makes you cum within her or on her tall and gorgeous legs. She enjoys moaning and pleading while having sexy with numerous men at the same time. She enjoys playing the innocent babysitter who seduces the family’s mother and father, since nothing beats a nice threesome.

#9 Molly Stewart – 183cm

Molly Stewart is a tall porn diva who will make you beg for more as she rides you to make you cum several times with her flaming red hair, scorching stare, and absolutely banging body. She enjoys performing porn, and you can see it on screen: taking numerous men at once is simple for her, and she isn’t afraid to go for some brutal and intense sex scenes.

Just look at her figure; she’s so fucking attractive, we can’t stand it! We’re delighted she opted to utilize her charms to create porn, because otherwise, what a waste!

#10 Angel Long – 183cm

Angel Long is a tall pornstar from England who has made a significant impression in the porn business. Why ? Because she understands how to blend seductive and hardcore moments, especially in her debut, where she got railed by 12 men at the same time. Every time she’s on camera, she begs, moans, and demands more. Angel Long’s towering legs are just as attractive as the rest of her body, and after 20 years in the porn industry, she doesn’t have much to prove.

She’s a really dynamic actress that always steals the show when she’s on-screen. Angel Long, who works as a model on the side, isn’t afraid of anything pornographic: she simply wants to get fucked, no matter what.

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#11 Alison Tyler – 183cm

Many directors were captivated to her gigantic breasts right once because they realized the endless possibility for sex sequences that her two enormous breasts and her two gigantic legs offered. When the opportunity arises, she will not hesitate to provide her lovers with the pleasure of having intercourse between her legs ! She’s so hot and it’s such a pleasure to see her getting railed, and when she moans, asking for them to cum inside of her, we just come as well…

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#12 Bella Rolland – 183cm

Making her debut in mid-2010, Bella Rolland became well-known for her capacity to take big cock up the ass. Her long and luscious legs are also a sight to behold, especially when they are coated with semen. She’s constantly smiling and having a good time on set (and when she had a dick in her mouth), and her ability to do both intense and gentler scenes with ladies is why she’s such a popular figure in the porn business.

#13  Lauren Philips – 183cm

Lauren Phillips is a big pornstar who has filmed over 600 porn videos. She just can’t quit having sex in front of the camera with men and women! Her towering legs and scorching ass are not something you see every day. She’s insanely hot and fantastic in bed. In less than 5 seconds, she can make a man come!

She’s worked with almost everyone in the industry and is well-liked by many notable actors and directors. She isn’t afraid to show off her ability and abilities in front of the camera, all for our enjoyment.

#14 Sophia Wilde – 183cm

Sophia Wilde is one of the tallest pornstars, yet despite having a figure like hers, she’s not as well-known as the other on the list. Sophia Wilde is an American pornstar with a lovely ass and a naïve disposition who has only appeared in 20 movies. She’s simple to seduce and would agree to almost anything if you let her have her way. We feel that she could have been more if she had remained for longer, but at least we have something to remember her for!

#15 Eve Ellwood – 183cm

Eve Ellwood is a tall and gorgeous porn performer. She may have any man she wants with her tanned appearance and lovely ass and breasts. That’s precisely what she does: she gets fucked by a slew of penises on film. Her towering legs and charm combine for excellent cinematic performances. Eve Ellwood, although being a niche pornstar, is nonetheless one of our favorites.

#16 Leigh Darby – 181cm

Leigh Darby is one of the sexiest and tallest pornstars ever to grace our screens. She’s an older woman, yet her fiery demeanor gives her the appearance of a young girl. She has a voracious hunger, which she satisfies by fucking younger guys, whom she enjoys seducing and riding until they cum within her. She can manage many partners at once, and she enjoys filming scenes with ladies and teaching them how to pleasure other guys.

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#17 Venera Maxima – 181cm

Venera Maxima is one of the tallest pornstars from Ukraine! Just take a look at her; she is stunning! Venera Maxima’s breasts and ass, her legs and thighs, everything about her shouts “pornstars”. She understands how to pleasure both men and women, and she isn’t afraid of rough scenes with BDSM material or orgies in which she is ridden in the ass by two massive cocks. You absolutely enjoy seeing it!

#18 Milena Devi – 181cm

Milena Devi is one of the industry’s top Russian pornstars right now. She’s tough to beat when it comes to tall, thin, and incredibly gifted pornstars. This lovely, full-lipped Slavic bombshell has only done about 70 porn movies, but they’re darn fantastic! We like seeing her as she throws men and women into fits with her tongue, lips (yes, both sets! ), and ass. Milena is quite tall, thus she exudes a sense of dominance that we admire. It’s hilarious to see her take charge and go crazy!

#19 Paige Turnah – 180cm

Paige Turnah is one of the most attractive pornstars ever. Look at her eyes; she has a fiery personality and she became recognized for her blowjob methods and now holds the prize for greatest fellatio in 2019! She really can’t stop making porn videos, and she once stated that she’ll have sex with both men and women as long as she can! A real fighter! We simply adore her, and with over 100 films to her credit, you have a lot of sexy scenes to watch and wank to !

#20 Holly Michaels – 180cm

Holly Michaels is one of the most attractive pornstar. You’ve undoubtedly seen her in one of the most popular videos on Pornhub which has more than 150 millions views ! Holly Michaels is really lovely; her legs are lengthy, and at the end, a pussy like you’ve never tasted before. She has fantastic breasts that she enjoys using to make guys come.

Holly Micheals is one of the most well-known and respected pornstars in the industry, and with over 400 films under her belt, she’s probably done everything !

#21 Nicolette Shea – 180cm

Nicolette Shea is a top pornstar in the industry who’s also very tall ! She began her job later than typical (at the age of 31), and she quickly found herself cast as a milf with long legs in need of some large cocks. She immediately rose to stardom with some extreme scenes, and she hasn’t stopped since, creating porn for our enjoyment. You’d be surprised at how stimulating her moans of pleasure can be.

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#22 Mia Melano – 180cm

Mia Melano is one of the sexiest women to ever walk the earth’s surface. Take a look at her! How can you possibly withstand her allure? You can’t, in fact. She simply needs one glance at you to have you fall at her feet and beg her. She’ll ride you and fuck you like no one else has before. Mia Melano is a lovely woman who is well-known and liked in the porn business. Even though her time in pornography was brief (just 20 films were created), she left an indelible effect. We miss her terribly.

#23 Sidney Summers – 180cm

Sidney Summers is a tall pornstar who is also an amateur on our list! Her fiery red hair and seductive appearance can turn any man on in an instant. She adores sex, and it doesn’t matter if it’s with a guy, a woman, or numerous participants in an orgy; Sidney Summers is a sex machine that never stops fucking! She hasn’t been very active in the porn industry but she launched her own platform to post nudes, sexy movies and other kinky content, just for you ! One of the best pornstars of this generation.

#24 Bianca Breeze – 180cm

Bianca Breeze is a classic pornstar and one of the tallest pornstars you’ve ever seen. She enjoys getting pounded from every hole and corner with a huge smile on her face. One of her favorite pastimes is having numerous guys (or women) in her bed. Bianca Breeze needs sex like she needs air, and she must never stop having sex, otherwise, she might stop breathing ! Depending on her onscreen companion, she like to portray the milf or the girl next door. She has made her imprint on the porn business with over 100 porn movies.

#25 Madison Rose – 178cm

Let’s finish our list of the tallest pornstars with Madison Rose ! A pornstar with an incredible figure; her legs are only as wonderful as her huge ass, I mean, look how thick and juicy her cake is. We simply want to destroy it and spit in it. She’s an expert at making men cum. She enjoys using her ass, tits, and legs to please guys, and she is widely known for her fondness for deepthroat and anal. But her greatest joy in life is getting sperm on her face… She wasn’t extremely active, but with a physique like hers, you can’t forget her!

What a way to end this list. With this top 25, you have enough girls to last you a life time, so enjoy ! And if you need more, why not check our list of the hottest Asian pornstar !

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