Male Pornstar: Top 25 Best & Most Famous Porn Actors

Do you also feel like there’s a serious lack of representation online for hot, sexy male pornstars? Like, we all know that the most famous and best pornstars are considered to be all female – but what of the famous male pornstars out there? I’d even argue that being a porn actor is a more difficult job, and that’s why there aren’t as many.

Men can’t fake an orgasm, and sometimes have to keep their dicks hard for hours! That’s what makes the gorgeous guys on the following list even more impressive. These guys have stamina, looks, and big dicks, so without further ado, let’s check out the 25 best male pornstars.

Famous Male Pornstars in Pictures and Videos

Who Are The Best Porn Actors?

#1 Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins is easily the most famous male pornstar, as he’s also a pretty popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber. Johnny is married to pornstar Kissa Sins, and they often make great content together. Since 2006, Johnny has been working in the porn industry and has made thousands of incredible movies, so it’s safe to assume he knows his way around a porn set! This gorgeous, muscular guy is truly amazing to watch.

#2 Keiran Lee

Keiran Lee is a gorgeous older guy, with silver hair and a sexy dad bod that we find totally irresistible! A lot of people really look up to Kieran Lee because he’s been around the block in the adult film biz. This sexy dude is seriously impressive, what with his good looks, professional attitude, and hardcore stamina. He knows how to grab his audience’s and partners attention with his hot, mature appearance.

#3 James Deen

Have you heard of James Deen? He’s a super hot and crazy handsome dude who’s a total rockstar in the porn industry, but who’s a little different to your typical pornstar, who’s usually super macho and inked-up. James has a slim and sexy body that makes him stand out from the rest. Even though he’s been killing it for the past two decades and has been in over 5000 adult films, he’s had some legal troubles for being too intense on set.

#4 Danny D

Danny D is an absolute beast in the porn industry: this sexy British guy has been killing it for years. He’s been in more than 1300 movies since he started out in 2006, and he definitely knows how to work his magic on the ladies. With his incredible charisma and awesome acting skills, he always leaves his audience hypnotized. Danny is the epitome of professionalism, dedication, and pure talent.

#5 Rocco Siffredi

Even though Rocco Siffredi is one of the original male pornstars from back in the day, he’s still making movies today! With almost four decades in the adult entertainment industry under his belt, this Italian pornstar is a true pro. He’s a good-looking middle-aged guy with experience, silver hair, and a sexy dad bod. Whether you’re watching his retro porn or his newer stuff, Rocco always brings the excitement and is a total blast to watch.

#6 Bill Bailey

Before his untimely death in 2019, Bill Bailey was a truly remarkable and incredibly talented male pornstar—undeniably one of the absolute best. This super attractive blonde pornstar had a pretty impressive package, a charming face, and a voice that could easily seduce anyone – he was the complete package for adult film fans. Bill was a one-of-a-kind person who will be deeply missed.

#7 Danny Mountain

In my personal opinion, Danny Mountain is one of the hottest male pornstars ever. This super sexy English dude, fittingly called Mountain, stands at a towering 191 cm and has a seriously massive package in his jeans. This hunky guy has made over 2600 porn films, so he definitely knows how to make the ladies scream, orgasm, and lose their minds in just a few minutes.

#8 Choky Ice

Although Choky Ice is currently considered one of the best male pornstars, his talents exceed simply acting. Nowadays, he also works as a talented and productive director, making lots of amazing films with his favorite actors and actresses. With a super sexy and muscular body, as well as a deep love for pleasing girls, this Hungarian hottie was truly one of the best.

#9 Manuel Ferrara

Manuel Ferrara may be one of the greatest male pornstars ever. This gorgeous French pornstar is totally gorgeous, and both guys and gals find Manuel charming, with his rugged bear-like vibe. With his strong build, salt and pepper hair, and plenty of body hair, this porn star is incredibly good-looking. Manuel has no problem pleasuring his partners, thanks to his big dick and expert hands.

#10 Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus is a seriously sexy, handsome and super buff alternative style dude with piercings and a crazy fit body. This gorgeous guy stands at 180 cm tall and weighs 66 kg, so he’s a pretty big, and very handsome man. Not only that, but he knows exactly what women want. His tongue and fingers work wonders, making any number of ladies reach climax in no time.

#11 Michael Vegas

Michael Vegas is an incredibly attractive, blonde male pornstar. If you’re into a guy who oozes charm and appeals to the ladies, Michael is your man! He’s great at being generous in bed, and knows how to please the ladies in every way possible. But he can definitely get a little wild in the bedroom if that’s what you’re after! This cute blonde has a big package and a hot, muscular physique, and his wavy hair gives him a cute side too.

#12 Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble is one of the hottest male pornstars of his generation: this sexy American pornstar started making movies when he was just 21, and he’s still doing so today. Can you believe this sexy piece of ass is already in his mid-30s? He’s got a smoking hot bod and an impressive career: his specialty is making girls go crazy with pleasure, and he can’t get enough of their sopping pussies.

#13 Alex Legend

Let me tell you, that just as the name suggests, Alex Legend is a legend in every sense of the word. With his insanely hot physique, charming smile, and big bulging muscles, he’s easily one of the hottest male pornstars around today. Trust me, when it comes to attractive tattooed pornstars, Alex is right up there at the top. This European hottie has already made over 1600 mind-blowing porn movies!

#14 Chad White

Chad White is truly a superstar in the porn industry, having been in more than 1800 films over his amazing 15-year career. This gorgeous stud loves showing off his impressive dick, and has the perfect combination of muscles, size, and stamina, to make him an exceptional performer. Chad is not only good-looking, but also dedicated to being a breathtaking performer.

#15 Tommy Gunn

No doubt about it, Tommy Gunn is one of the hottest male pornstars around. Even though he’s in his 50s, this sexy DILF still has that special something! Tommy can make women reach new heights of pleasure in no time at all, and he has tons of experience too, having acted in over 3000 films! With his amazing skills and ability to make women feel intense pleasure, chicks are instantly into him!

#16 Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle is one hell of a hot DILF, let me tell you. For nearly 20 years, this gorgeous male pornstar has been acting in some of the most mind-blowing porn movies: his muscular body, his commitment to pleasuring women, and his insatiable craving for juicy pussy make him truly special. Johnny takes his passion for women seriously, and would never leave a lady hanging without helping her finish!

#17 Charles Dera

Meet Charles Dera, a charismatic and super hot male pornstar who exudes confidence and sex-appeal. Not has he been blessed with beautiful eyes and a gorgeous body, but he also loves to get crazy. Charles loves exploring his wild side, and can be quite intense in the bedroom. He’s not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and knows how to leave women wanting more!

#18 Scott Nails

Scott Nails is a super charming male pornstar who’s famous for his awesome tattoos, hot body, and sexy five o’clock shadow. Scott is an industry pro, with an impressive filmography of almost two thousand movies. Not only is Scott crazy sexy, but he also knows how to satisfy any girl in the bedroom. Scott has impressive stamina and a huge package, so he’s definitely worth your time!

#19 Owen Gray

Owen Grey is easily one of the hottest male pornstars on the planet. This sexy piece of ass is anything but ordinary, with his super cool body modifications (scarification, tats & piercings). Even though he doesn’t have the massive muscles you usually see on the best male pornstars, he still manages to turn on tons of girls and guys.

#20 Markus Dupree

Markus Dupree, who won “best male performer” at the 2018 AVN Awards, is a pretty damn hot male pornstar. This guy is incredibly handsome, with a big, impressive cock, amazing bedroom skills, and a strong work ethic. Markus started his career as a male pornstar in 2008 when he was just 20, and he might be the most famous male Russian pornstar in the industry.

#21 Jason Luv

Maybe the most talented male black pornstar of our era has to be Jason Luv. Jason is this incredible, dominating male pornstar who stands at almost two meters tall, making everyone look small next to him. His muscles are crazy, and if you’re into big black cocks, Jason is your guy; his insatiable appetite for amazing pussy and his unbelievable size make him an awesome choice.

#22 Tyler Nixon

Tyler Nixon is a cool, sexy, and energetic dude who’s very well known in the adult film scene. He plays the role of the hunky stepson to perfection, thanks to his awesome “surf dude” charm. Women can’t help but swoon over his blonde hair and handsome face, and he’s got a natural ability to connect with his audience. This gorgeous guy is really one of a kind!

#23 Small Hands

Small Hands is always mentioned alongside the biggest male pornstars of our time. This guy’s had an impressive career, and has a bunch of badass tattoos. He’s not your average Joe though, Small Hands has a cool alternative style to boot. He’s not just an actor, though he’s also a director, and let me tell you, his movies are awesome.

#24 Kyle Mason

Kyle Mason is a total stud, and people can’t get enough of his incredible body, sexy light brown hair, and his insane talent. Kyle knows how to put on a show, and really heat things up in the bedroom! Making women happy is where his talents lie, and he’s not afraid to show off his impressive size and skills. Since he started in 2012, he’s been in over 1,400 movies.

#25 Mick Blue

Mick Blue is a gorgeous, silver haired male pornstar with a career spanning over 20 years. This sexy DILF has starred in over 5600 porn movies, and as such has gained a ton of experience in the art of sex. Watching him put his experience into action is truly mesmerizing, and women react intensely to his touch. Mick Blue is the perfect guy to embody the hot stepfather!

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