Tattooed Pornstars: 35+ Hottest Pornstar With Tattoos

So you’re into tattooed pornstars? Honestly, we get it. There’s something so sexy about pornstars with tattoos, or anyone with tattoos for that matter. With the art of tattooing becoming more and more popular, an increasingly large number of the best pornstars are getting inked, and some of them are getting more than others! Today, we’ve made a list of the 35 best pornstars with tattoos: there’s a little something for everyone in this list, whether you like blondes, brunettes, milfs… there’s a pornstar with tattoos that will suit your tastes in our list, trust me! So settle in and check out our list of the hottest pornstars with tattoos, and pick your favorite!

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The 35 Best Pornstars With Tattoos

Who Are The Hottest Tattooed Pornstars?

#1 Jessie Lee

Our number one pick for the hottest tattooed porn star of all time is Jessie Lee: she’s covered from head to toe in the hottest, sexiest, and most beautiful tattoos you can imagine. Jessie Lee has huge, perky boobs and a lovely, curved round booty, and for a milf pornstar who’s already in her 40s, that’s pretty impressive! Her cute gothic hairstyle, lovely thick thighs and incredible talent for making men and women moan with pleasure, she belongs at the top of our list among the best of the best.

#2 Lily Lane

Lily Lane is a lovely, alternative porn star who’s already appeared in some other of our collections, notably the Latina pornstar collection. She’s very versatile, and isn’t just defined by her tattoos (although, she is covered in them!). This gorgeous pornstar with tattoos is also a total milf, and her fake tits and big bodacious booty are not to be ignored. Lily is very good at her job, and doesn’t waste time letting her partners know just how good she is: just watch any of her over 300 porn videos, and you’ll see what I mean.

#3 Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie Rotten is one of the hottest & best tattooed pornstars with a few pretty famous pieces of ink, notably the spiderwebs around her nipples! She’s known for having lovely big fake tits, that have some impressively well-done spiderwebs around the areola area. Bonnie is gorgeous, blonde, and makes incredibly high quality sex tapes and porn videos. Her favorite kind of things to do are anal and squirting (which she’s very good at!). Of her almost 400 videos, there’s not a bad one to watch, honestly: she puts a lot of effort into making everything she does as sexy and entertaining as possible!

#4 Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre is among the hottest tattooed pornstars of all time, and she has a very unique & sexy vibe. At some point, this gorgeous, skinny babe got a boob job, since the only thing lacking sometimes with very slim chicks is in the chest area: now, she’s perfect! With a sort of young emo vibe, Charlotte has a stunning body, with some very cute, understated tattoos, lovely fake tits, and an overall slim and fit figure. Her cat-like features make her look super sultry and sexy, and I’m not sure whether I’d rather dominate or be dominated!

#5 Karma RX

When it comes to pornstars with tattoos, we couldn’t exactly not mention Karma RX: this blonde bombshell is covered in hot tats, and has one of the most impressively sexy, curvaceous bodies of any chick we’ve ever seen! Her big, beautiful eyes and full, luscious lips make her look super sexy, as do her big, bouncy butt and lovely perky tits. Karma RX is a real pro, and of her over 500 movies, every single one of them is of high quality. This pornstar with big boobs loves nothing more than shoving a dick deep down in her throat, and getting jizz all over her face.

#6 Kali Roses

Kali Roses is another, very popular blonde pornstar with tattoos that has yet to make a single movie we didn’t enjoy. Her name is a reference to her tattoos: her back is covered in lovely, beautiful roses! What a lovely view when taking her roughly from behind. She also has her own name tattooed on the back of her legs, so whenever she’s kneeling down in front of you, it’s impossible to forget her name! A lovely, curvaceous girl with big boobs and a not inconsequential ass, her lovely thighs could drown a man, and he’d probably be grateful. Kali is a real nympho, and doesn’t hold back when making a sex tape!

#7 Leigh Raven

Leigh Raven is a unique looking babe, often with one side of her hair shaved, and other times with a full buzz cut. She’s tall and slender, with a gorgeous, fit body and big, brown eyes. She has a lovely tattoo on the back of her thighs that says “born free”, which is sexy to look at when she’s on all fours. What’s more, she has astounding, perky, natural tits that have cute little hearts tattooed around them! Leigh is a very talented actress, and is able to do pretty much anything that’s asked of her, and she enjoys it too! She’s a really unique looking girl, and we love that for her.

#8 Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is the hottest tattooed pornstar that also happens to be a milf. This mature goddess has made over 700 high quality porn movies, and goes above and beyond to give an incredible performance in every single one. Now in her 40s, she’s still going strong and enjoying her life as an adult actress: Joanna makes all kinds of content, including anal, cock worship, face fucking and more. She loves to get dirty with men and women, and all of her partners seem to appreciate her commitment to helping them cum. Joanna has a perfect body, with huge tits and a small waist, and is covered in lovely tattoos from head to toe. What’s not to love?

#9 Val Steele

Val Steele, also known as Valerica Steele, is a beautiful, young, purple haired pornstar with tattoos. She’s stunningly beautiful, with a cute, innocent looking face, big brown eyes, and an incredible smile. Val has a sexy, e-girl/emo inspired vibe, with a skinny body, lovely perky boobs and a tight little ass. Not only that, but her tattoos are hot too: she even has tattoos on her face, which usually I’m not a fan of, but she rocks them to the extreme. Valerica loves to be fucked hard and rough, especially outside and in public places. She’s a real nympho, and trying to stop her from getting her way seems impossible!

#10 Gia DiMarco

Gia DiMarco is another one of the hottest tattooed pornstars of all time that also happens to be a sexy, sultry milf. Who doesn’t love a good milf at the end of the day? Although this beautiful Italian pornstar is already in her 40s, she’s lost not one ounce of sex appeal over the years, if anything, she’s got sexier. She has a sort of sultry brunette Angelina Jolie bond-girl vibe that we’re totally into. Gia has lovely long legs, perky (albeit fake) boobs, and a stunning booty. When she stands over men in high heels, she’s impressively sexy and intimidating! As of 2022, she even directs her own porn films too, which is super impressive.

#11 Megan Inky

When it comes to the best tattooed pornstars of all time, there are a few kinds of girl: those with extensive resumes and a few tattoos, and those with less quantity, but more tats! Megan Inky is the latter: having only made around 95 films, she’s not on a level with chicks like Joanna Angel, but she’s all for quality over quantity! Even her name references her tattoos, which goes to show how much of a selling point they are! At almost 40 years old, Megan is quite the milf, but her body is no less sexy: a Romanian star, Megan has an incredible body. Her bombastic fake boobies, and ability to role-play just about any kind of sexy babe, are unmatched. This hot goth babe doesn’t shy away from anything you’ll see!

#12 Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina is not as covered in tattoos as some of these girls are, but since she has quite a few, and remains one of the hottest porn actresses of all time, we thought we’d mention her quite high on our list of the best tattooed pornstars. Depending on the pictures you see, in some of them she has more tats: that’s because she got them done a few years into her career, so there are many pictures of her without them. Gina is a lovely, petite Latina from Rio de Janiero: she started her porn career in 2015, and has just got better and better since then. This brunette babe has everything going for her: she’s got a hot body, with an incredible ass, a beautiful face, and heaps of talent!

#13 Kleio Valentien

Kleio Valentien may have an unusual name, but there’s nothing unusual about how much I want to bang her brains out. This beautiful, heavily tatted blonde bombshell has made over 350 awesome sex tapes, including all different practices, positions, toys and more. She’s not only talented, but she’s beautiful to boot: her gorgeous tattoos compliment her perfectly proportioned body, curvy booty, and natural, big boobies. This Texas-born, punk rock babe makes men and women bust their loads within seconds. She’s especially good at anal, cunnilingus, and loves getting naked in public!

#14 Brooke Banner

Brooke Banner is a gorgeous, bottle-blonde milf covered in sexy tattoos with over 720 high quality sex tapes under her belt. She’s a slender, sexy, and sultry babe who’s taller than average (around 173cm), and has a model physique. She has been making porn movies since 2002, over 20 years ago, and since she began her career, has moved up from an incredible, teen babe to a delicious, luscious milf with an attitude. Not only that, but she has a love of playing the sexy and super horny stepmom these days, something she does to perfection!

#15 Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade is a lovely, fairly young looking tattooed pornstar with an incredible body, long black hair, and a killer smile. She’s gorgeous, and has beautiful natural boobs as well as a sexy, curved booty. Her waist is tiny, and her big brown eyes are hard to look away from! When it comes to porn movies, she’s a pro: having made over 600 since her debut in 2014, she knows what she’s doing and how to make her partners moan fast. Katrina has the word “slut” tattooed on her ass, which is super arousing to watch jump back and forth as she’s pounded from behind!

#16 Eva Angelina

Eva Angelina is a gorgeous American-Chinese pornstar with an impressive resume. Although she doesn’t always appear with many tattoos, we’ve included her in our list of the best tattooed pornstars because nowadays, she has quite a few! Eva’s been working in the adult entertainment industry for around 20 years, and has made a good amount of very high quality movies. In some of her more recent ones, you can see her sexy tattoos: she has a skull sleeve on her right arm, as well as “tramp stamp” on her lower back, and a few little ones dotted around. This incredible babe has made almost 1000 movies, so despite not being as heavily tatted as some of these girls, we thought she’d earned her spot.

#17 Ivy LeBelle

Ivy LeBelle is a sumptuous pornstar with tattoos, a big butt, and naturally big breasts. Ivy is beautiful, with long brown hair and deep brown eyes that it’s easy to get lost in. She has lovely big sumptuous lips, and a full booty with perfect curves and cuddly cheeks. She’s like, the ideal woman if you’re into gorgeous, sultry brunettes with tattoos and who love to get covered in cum. Her thirst for cum is practically unsatisfiable, and she seems to be on a quest to get as much of it sprayed on her face as possible.

#18 Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks is one of the best tattooed pornstars, especially when it comes to tattooed pornstars with hot pink hair! She’s instantly recognizable thanks to her hot hue of lovely magenta. But Anna’s beauty doesn’t stop with her hair: she’s also got lovely blue eyes, a stunning smile, luscious lips, and a truly insane body. Her huge, bouncy boobs are a sigh to behold, not to mention her perfectly formed ass and her tiny waist. Anna loves to vary her poison in terms of porn: she does all kinds of stuff, but her specialty is blowjobs, and loves having men bust their load all over her!

#19 Bella Bellz

Bella Bellz is one of a kind when it comes to gorgeous pornstars with tattoos: much like Leigh Raven, she has a totally punky vibe, sometimes with a buzz cut, other times with a Mohawk, and sometimes with crazy colors in her hair. Bella Bellz just loves to fuck, and get really dirty too. She loves nothing more than to get oiled up and covered in jizz as she writhes about on men dicks, screaming in pleasure. She’s a real nympho, and doesn’t even attempt to hide her joy when she sees a huge cock!

#20 Felicity Feline

Felicity Feline has made over 100 amazing, sizzling hot porn movies, including all kinds of practices and positions. This babe is versatile, talented, and above all, hot as fuck. Her incredible body is unlike any other, with huge, round, bouncy boobs that take your breath away, and an impressively perky and voluptuous ass. This gorgeous girl’s feline features (as the name suggests) just make her appear even more wild and sexy, and watching her content becomes a try not to cum challenge pretty fast.

#21 Rocky Emerson

Rocky Emerson is a six foot pornstar with tattoos with a dominatrix vibe. Yes, that’s right, I said 6ft – actually 6ft3 (191 cm) to be precise. She’s basically huge, but very slender to go with it! This incredible babe has tattoos all over her tall body, and she is as impressive for her beauty as she is for her size. She’s only been around for a few years, but has already made over 200 high quality porn movies, and doesn’t plan on stopping soon.

#22 Indigo Augustine

When it comes to beautiful, show-stopping tattooed pornstars, it wouldn’t be fair to skip past the goddess that is Indigo Augustine. Also known as Indigo August and Miss Indigo, this crazy haired babe has lovely tattoos, pierced nipples, and a lovely figure. Her waist is small, and her booty is bootying. Although she’s only made around 70 movies, they’re always insanely sexy. This brown-eyed stunner has been around since 2010, and gets more and more arousing as time goes by!

#23 Juelz Ventura

You may have already heard of Juelz Ventura, the gorgeous, Brazilian, brown-haired babe. This gorgeous girl of mixed heritage has been around and making films since 2006, so she’s no newbie and she knows her way around the porn industry! She’s starred in over 500 films, and each of them was as incredible as the last. This tall, bodacious babe has an incredible pair of boobs and a perfect ass to boot, so she has well and truly earned her place on our list!

#24 Jenevieve Hexxx

If you’re into heavily tattooed goth girls, Jenevieve Hexxx may be your next obsession! This stunning milf does mostly lesbian stuff: for those of you who, like me, enjoy watching beautiful tattooed girls fuck each other, she’s a real gem! With big, bouncy boobs and a thick, impressive booty, Jenevieve is certainly not lacking in physical allure. This gorgeous, sexy babe has everything you could want from a goth chick and more!

#25 Julia Bond

Julia Bond is a gorgeous, pin-up style babe with a retro aesthetic, covered in sexy tats and who loves to get doused in jizz. This incredible tattooed pornstar has one of the sexiest bodies of all time: she’s got a tiny waist, lovely, luscious butt, and a pair of bouncy, perky boobs that we can’t get enough of. Her body is one thing, but her beautiful face with big eyes and full lips is another! Not to mention her talent, and how she’s capable of handling as many cocks at a time as she wants. Julia is no beginner, and is capable of pleasing anyone and everyone!

#26 Adreena Winters

Adreena Winters is a tattooed pornstar from the great nation of England. This gorgeous girl has a beautiful smile and a crazy hot body, especially considering she’s a total milf! If you like hot, slender, british milfs, you’ll love Adreena with her natural, soft boobs, and cute butt that I kind of want to bite. Although she’s been around for a while (since 2012), she’s only made about 85 films. However, lack of quantity doesn’t mean low quality! She’s a hard worker, and her films are always very impressive.

#27 Christy Mack

Christy Mack has a real punk rock vibe to her that we’re totally into, with her shaved sides and tattoos, she looks like she could kick the ever-loving shit out of me honestly, and I’m kind of turned on by it. She has some full sleeves with floral patterns, as well as a really sexy tattoo on her midriff, among others. Christy is petite, but has a great ass and a nice pair of lovely tits too. She loves to put her big booty to use with anal, which is one of her favorite practices.

#28 Vanessa Vega

Vanessa Vega is a beautiful, petite, up-and-coming tattooed pornstar with a fat butt and a lovely pair of perky, round boobs. Although she’s small, she’s capable of doing some pretty hardcore stuff! Don’t let her innocent face and shortness fool you. Vanessa has a gorgeous smile, and a love of cock like none other: just watch her quench her thirst for dick while fucking around with different guys junk. It’s addictive!

#29 Ryan Conner

So you’re into BBWs, milfs, blondes, tattoos, or all of the above? Let me introduce you to Ryan Conner. This beautiful mature queen is a curvaceous goddess, with a big booty and huge, bouncy boobs. Now with a bunch of super sexy tattoos, Ryan is just as gorgeous as she was when she started making adult films in the 90s. With almost 400 movies under her belt, she’s got an impressive back catalog, including pretty much any kind of sex you can imagine: lesbian stuff, anal, creampies, public, she’s done it all! And she’s still going strong and blowing away the competition, what a lady!

#30 Leda Elizabeth

Leda Elizabeth is a beautiful, skinny, cute little emo with a sexy body and an adorable face that guys just love to spray with cum. Her beautiful body is second only to her stunning face, with big doe eyes and wonderfully dainty features that make her appear almost like a teenager. Leda, also known as Leda Bear, is cute and sexy at the same time, but don’t get it twisted: she’s not shy! In the bedroom, Leda will let you do anything you want to her! Whether it’s her booty hole, her mouth, or anything else you want to see men getting their grubby little hands on, this gothic little nympho will oblige!

#31 Sophia Santi

Sophia Santi is unmatched in terms of the hottest tattooed pornstars that also happen to be sexy Latina milfs. Sophia has a huge, impressive back tattoo, that gives her partners something to stare at while they go ham on her ass from behind. Sophia is gorgeous, sure, but she’s also prolific, talented, and very seductive. She’s been around since 2002, when she was around 21 years old, and since then has been around long enough to become a dreamy milf. Her ass is truly breathtaking, and I sometimes find it hard to tear my eyes away!

#32 Lola Fae

Lola Fae is an adorable, petite, and all-round seductive alternative babe. She has sort of innocent e-girl gamer vibes that lots of guys like nowadays, but that is difficult to find in porn. Something we really love about Lola are her adorable heart shaped nipples! Although they’re just a tattoo, they’re really cute, and such a unique body modification! Lola is very petite, at only 155 cms and 44 kg, she’s able to be moved around like a little sex doll, which is this tattooed pornstars best asset!

#33 Draven Star

Draven Star is a sexy, seductive, and slender goth princess with a unique alternative style that involves tattoos and piercings. She started her career over ten years ago, and since then has made over 100 high quality movies, mostly including lesbian scenes, but not excluding well-endowed guys! While she used to be a skinny teen actress, she’s now a curvaceous babe with a thick old booty and some big old titties! We love a curvy goth, and she’s only gotten better with age, like a fine wine.

#34 Indica Flower

Indica Flower is THE tattooed porn star hippie chick. If you’re into hippies or chicks with dreadlocks, or even chicks who smoke a ton, you’ll love Indica. This free thinker loves to express her sexuality through making porn, and her big titties, perky butt, tiny waist and beautiful face did nothing if not help her break into porn. Indica has made around 70 films: although she’s amazing, her look can be considered niche. She only posts on OnlyFans for her most devoted fans, which is something to note. She’s still pretty young, and only started porn a few years ago, so I’m sure as time goes by her body count will keep increasing.

#35 Eden Ivy

Last, but by no means least, Eden Ivy. Eden is a sexy, skinny young thing with an incredible body and a lot of tats from head to toe. Her slender body with a cute, perky ass and naturally gorgeous tits are one thing, but her model looks and undeniably beautiful face are the real selling point! As you may know, some older porn stars can sometimes have slightly… butter face vibes. If you know, you know. Eden, however, is stunningly beautiful, with full lips, a seductive smile, and breathtaking eyes. Not only that, but she’s good at every practice she sets her mind to: whether it’s lesbian stuff, butt stuff or masturbation, Eden can do it to perfection!

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