Gay Pornstars : TOP 25 Hottest & Best Gay Porn Stars

If you’re looking for the hottest males in the world of gay porn, this ranking of the hottest gay pornstar should delight you ! Find out who are the hottest studs of the moment, those who have proven themselves over the years and the up and coming stars, who are about to play their sex with multiple partners in the years to come.

Which gay pornstar actor will be your favorite ? The choice may not be easy, considering the physical appearance of the guys we present here !

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Hottest Gay Pornstars in Pictures and Videos

Who Are The Hottest Gay Pornstars?

#1 William Seed

Considered the revelation of the year 2017, William Seed is an American pornstar actor with an absolutely divine body and has since continued to gain popularity. He cultivates his physique and displays abs and tattoos that make him irresistible.

Known for his ability to savagely take his partners on screen, he is one of the darlings of today’s gay pornstar and you only have to watch his exploits to understand why. William handles his sex like few know how and it’s a real delight to see him in action, mainly with male partners but also, from time to time, in X Bisexual videos.

#2 Enzo Rimenez

Contrary to what his nickname suggests, Enzo Rimenez is a French gay pornstar from Tarbes and has been working in the gay porn industry for more than 10 years now. Standing tall at 1m88, weighing 72 kg, he is cut like a god and is relatively well endowed.

Known in the industry for his hardcore blowjob scenes and for his taste for men more frail than him, he still knows how to show gentleness, when he wants to. A real stallion, who is among the gay porn actors who never disappoints.

#3 Francois Sagat

François Sagat is both the most famous Frenchman pornstar and one of the most appreciated actors in the industry. After years in the industry, he decided to retire from gay porn in 2013, to devote himself to other projects, much to the chagrin of his most fervent admirers. But in 2017, he returns, triumphant, to make use of his flabbergasting body.

More often passive than active, he is easily recognized by his tattoos, but also by his well-endowed sex (21 cm) and his bulging buttocks that he has kept, even in his forties ! Sagat has nothing left to prove and we hope to see him perform for a long time to come !

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#4 Jordan Fox

Considered by some to be a hard-ass, this handsome 32-year-old made his first appearance in gay porn in 2008 and has been performing on stages around the world ever since. Aware that his body is his work tool, he preserves it and makes sure to present a physique always impeccable.

He is an active man who likes to play at dominating his partners, sometimes in BDSM scenes. It must be said that with his 21 cm penis and his almost 80 kg of muscles, it is difficult to escape this man-crusher.

#5 Mathieu Ferhati

Mathieu Ferhati is a French gay pornstar who is not afraid of doing anything in front of a camera, for our greatest pleasure. He is also an interracial lover, who can be seen performing with several partners on many occasions.

If his penis does not leave you unmoved, it is likely that his beautiful eyes and his charming smile will not leave you indifferent either.

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#6 Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid, whose real name is Hylan Anthony Taylor, is an American gay pornstar of 27 years old, who has made a name for himself in porn doing hardcore scenes. He works only with the production company, which hired him on his 18th birthday, when he was looking for a job.

Within a few years, he became the highest paid gay pornstar and his good looks made the front page of specialized magazines. However, he really is heterosexual and shoots gay pornos only for the money. He has received some prestigious awards since his debut, including those of the best Porn star in 2013 and 2014 and 2015, at Cybersocket Web Awards.

#7 Doryann Marguet

This ultra-popular Frenchman is one of the best gay porn stars, but he shoots bi and straight movies when the mood strikes him. With his beautiful face and a little ass, it’s hard to say no to him. He also has a career as a TV presenter on Pink X !

Doryann Marguet is the real Parisian, multi-functional and with surprising appearances, since he sometimes shows an incredible tenderness to his partners, sometimes a brutality that makes them cry out in pleasure, when he sodomizes them without taking any precautions.

#8 Andy Star

A Brazilian sex lover who assumes himself and who is ready to offer his ass to those who would like to take care of it. Andy Star is, a real hottie with the face of an angel and an imposing sex, who would make any man lover cum.

Based in Spain, where he shoots X scenes, models and promotes gay nightclubs, Andy Star appears in a large number of X-rated movies in which he is often ready to satisfy the fantasies of his partners, whether they are alone, or several, and no matter the size of their penis. But it seems that the bigger it is, the more he likes it… !

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#9 Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan, whose real name is Sean Paul Lockhart, is a 33 years old American gay pornstar and he started his career in 2004, at the young age of 18.

Brent did not take long to show his strong potential in hard films, in which he often plays the naive young man in search of new discoveries, which makes his play partners crazy with pleasure. Able to go from sensual scenes to much more hard, in the blink of an eye, he has kept his youthful face with time, which allows him to continue playing cute and sexy young men.

#10 Devin Franco

Devin Franco (who owes his nickname to his admiration for the actor James Franco) is a young stud from New Mexico who said he got into porn because he loved pornography and loved sex. Being able to travel to fuck super hot guys was a dream of his. Amateur of group sex, he is always ready for an orgy, and does not hesitate to bend in a provocative way to make his partners moan in pleasure.

#11 Jean Franko

With his hellish physique and his fiery look, Jean Franko doesn’t hesitate to show his muscles, ass, and penis to make guys ejaculate. Of Venezuelan origin, expatriated in Europe, he regularly performs with Lukas Kazan, with whom he has signed an exclusive contract.

Modeling for gay magazines during his spare time, his Latin look and his particularly developed musculature make him one of the darling of gay cinema. He also launched a monthly event gathering gays in several European capitals. And he has been very successful in creating this unique concept.

#12 Jason Crew

If you know the erotic film production company “Falcon Entertainment”, you know Jason Crew. He is one of the most important figures of the American film company with whom he works regularly.

Ranked as one of the best actors in gay pornstar, Jason has over 200 films to his credit. He has won several awards for his particularly hard roles in some films.

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#13 Tiger Tyson

Also called the “blatino”, Tiger Tyson is famous in the gay movie world for his impressive penis, and he plays a lot of roles where he can use his oversized sex. His incredibly well-sculpted body and his buttocks make him perfect in the eyes of gay film lovers.

In addition to his roles and the many awards he has received for his work, Tiger is a man with a big heart, very active in the cause of AIDS patients and in the fight against the disease. He has appeared publicly several times in this context that is dear to him.

#14 Billy Santoro

This American gay pornstar is a legend in the business. Known for being one of the hottest guys in the industry, he started his career late, at the age of 37 and is quietly heading towards his 46th birthday.

But the older he gets, the hotter he gets and his fans are growing bigger each day. Whether it is for his beautiful face, his prominent pectoral muscles or his superb abs, he gives off a bestial side that will enchant and excite all the amateurs of wild X scenes.

#15 Lito Cruz

For lovers of big sex and dominant males, Lito Cruz is the gay porn actor who could become your favorite. With his 1m83 for 82 kg well distributed, this handsome Argentinean stud is easily recognizable, with his superman tattoo on his chest.

He has played in more than 600 movies during a career that started in 2008 and he continues to make his partners scream with pleasure, during intense sodomies that he practices so well. He is also a specialist in spanking, and a lover of fetish pleasure that leans towards uro. For hardcore fans, who want to see what domination is, he is an actor to follow.

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#16 Vadim Black

Vadim Black is a gay pornstar who has hordes of fans, all thanks to his perfect body. This handsome dark-haired bad boy, with tattoos on his arms and lower abdomen, has a piercing look and a striking backstroke.

He started doing simple fellatio scenes but quickly moved on to anal sex, both active and passive depending on his mood. He claims to be straight and only does porn for the money, and when you see the pleasure he gives to his partners, we can only hope that he continues in X for a long time. If you like pretty smiles and pretty asses, Vadim Black is your man !

#17 Armond Rizzo

This former U.S. Marine is a beast, and has one of the most delicious ass gay pornstars. If in general, he lets himself be taken from behind, and his beautiful buttocks are his number one asset, it would be a shame not to discover the other side of Armond Rizzo.

His enormous sex can do wonders, and it is particularly hard to resist when he is masturbating, sucking and cumming profusely on the faces of his on-screen partners. At 32 years old, he should continue to display his pretty Latino face and his apollo torso for a few more years, for our greatest pleasure.

#18 Cody Cumming

We’re not going to lie : Cody Cumming is the kind of guy anyone would turn around on in the street. He’s got the body of a Greek god, a square jaw and a penis that his partners seem to love in every scene.

He is a bisexual gay pornstar, sometimes seen with female pornstars in Bi movies. We recently saw him in masturbation scenes where he made his partner cum with his feet ! A real marvel !

#19 Cade Maddox

For some, Cade Maddox is the hottest gay pornstar in the business ! You’ll be the judge of that statement, but it’s certain that this handsome man has some serious assets to show off, starting with a huge penis.

At 34 years old, he has already been awarded several times, including trophies for best gay actor (in 2021) or best dick (in 2020), and it is amply deserved. He’s only been in the porn industry for 5 years, after a career as a photo model, and we recommend you to take full advantage of it while he’s here: it’s not every day that such a bombshell appears !

#20 Girth Brooks

Girth Brooks his an handsome man with imposing measurements – 1m80 for 86 kg. He is 40 years old and he perfectly embodies the daddy in search of sex. He doesn’t hesitate to push his 18 cm as far as possible, without ever losing his smile, which shows how much pleasure he takes in playing in front of the camera. If you like peculiarities, you should know that he also has a Superman emblem tattooed on his body. Look for it !

#21 Rocco Steele

Rocco Steele is a bear, a real porn hound with a very well-shaped body. His numerous tattoos give him a badass look but deep down he is a tender man who doesn’t hesitate to let himself be submitted in BDSM pornos.

This superb male is 58 years old but he hasn’t lost any of his sexual abilities and he proves it in every X films. Two years in a row he won the award for the best gay porn actor and he is still regularly awarded for his performances.

#22 Cody Brandon

For some, Cody Brandon has the sexiest body of them all, but we know how to read between the lines and more than his body, it’s his muscular ass that attracts attention. He spends hours to sculpt this body and his pretty buttocks.

He practices self-bondage to masturbate, and he loves to sodomize younger partners especially when they are much less imposing than him. He’s not the most productive of gay porn actors, but he impresses every time.

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#23 Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks is 42 years old and he started his career about 10 years ago. Even though he is not the youngest, he hasn’t lost his angelic face, with his well-trimmed goatee, and an absolutely divine body. His tattoos reinforce his bad boy side, but it’s his piercing look that makes you want to throw yourself on him and let yourself be taken on the spot.

He is a fan of big penises, rough sodomies and men orgies. It’s hard to tell if he’s more exciting when he’s giving sloppy blowjobs, playing hard to get with his partners, or pandering to the desires of his mates. It’s up to you to decide !

#24 Leo Giamani

Leo Giamani is a pornstar of Italian origin, who has won over viewers and producers since his first appearances in 2008. With an athletic body, an imposing sex and a real charming smile, he is the boyfriend or the husband that many men would dream to have in their home.

The good news is that he has won many awards in his career for hardcore scenes that he is very proud of. So it’s easy to see him in action, submissive or dominant. The bad news is that after a long parenthesis in his career (from 2012), he hasn’t shot any movies. So we hope to see him reappear from time to time.

#25 Dante Colle

Dante Colle is both a talented gay pornstar, a straight porn star and a lover of sexual pleasures quick to share scenes with both genders ! In fact, since 2013, he can be seen in all positions and in a wide variety of roles.

He is the kind of naturally elegant man, with a little arrogant side that he surely owes to his young age. He is indeed only 28 years old and already has been in the X industry for almost 10 years ! This handsome American loves sex and it shows on the screen. Be careful, because you could fall for this handsome guy almost too perfect to be true !

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